Nature will save you!

100_2126 (800x544)So you wake up in the morning thinking you will be going to do all the things you have planned the night before. But your head is a bit foggy, and motivation is on the low.

You had so many ideas to put into practice, but this morning neither your mind or body wants to do anything.

100_1392 (800x600)

This is the moment to make a re-connection to Nature again and let her wake us up.

Slowly we have breakfast, prepare some rice for our flying friends that come and visit us every day. We go outside and thank the Sun and the Blue Sky for their presence and close our eyes to feel the warmth of the rays caressing our cheeks.

We sit in front of the computer, trying to focus on those projects, but today it seems like it is not the right day again. You want to do, but something is blocking you.

100_1450 (800x776)I look up, and here they come, the birds family that have got used to come and eat every day. They are so beautiful. They know what to do always, it does not matter at what time I put the food out, they always know and come flying from everywhere. It is only us that get lost in a million thoughts and distractions. Sometimes it seems that we are running around in circles when the only single thing we have to do is make one step in the right direction and we are on track.

I was able to catch quick pictures of them and then I remembered how many pictures I had to edit and finally found the right step to move forward. Something I enjoy.

Put earplugs and go to and play one of my favorite station, Destination SPA for relaxation, and as soon as I start looking at each picture, I am into Nature and into another dimension. Listening and looking at so much beauty and perfection, aligns my whole being up to that frequency, and suddenly you know what to do, and everything comes easy without a struggle.100_2137 (600x800)

I suppose it is an act of falling in love with what I see, and that love is the force that allows the creation of something positive which then can be shared with the rest of the world.


Without that single right step, which has led to the birth of that feeling within me, there would be nothing, and I would still be running in circles, turning further away from my creativity, being occupied with something else that does not really fulfill me but was easier to do.

I needed the inspiration 100_2027 (800x600)to write this post. So picked up the camera and went outside for a long walk. The light was magical, Nature was celebrating all around me. Little by little, confused and negative thoughts would slowly fade away, obeying to the silence. And without searching or thinking, ideas started appearing, like happy pigeons leaving me messages from beyond.100_2011

Nature saves me every day, if I let her. If I am humble enough to spend precious time observing her in silence. She teaches us everything we need to know. The birds, the clouds, the little ants, the flowers and everything else, all respect an invisible order and rhythm that automatically calms our mind, regenerates us and softly indicates the path to follow.


The rest depends on us, she gives us the energy, the push, the enthusiasm. The more we listen to her and do what feels right, the clearer will be our goal and how to achieve it.100_2013 (800x796)

One step at a time.
100_2132 (800x600)


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