Time to Fly

Sometimes we realize that the reason why our creativity is not flowing freely it is not because we lack ideas or inspiration. There is something else.

What is it that prevents me from expressing my uniqueness?

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As always the answers come to me from Nature. What prevents a plant from flowering or a tree from producing a fruit? Certain environmental conditions need to be met. The Sun, wind, water, minerals and much more.

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Our potential seed of creativity is always there within us and when those perfect conditions are present they give birth to a beautiful flower.  I suppose even Life on Earth would not have occurred without certain specific elements.

I see each one of us like unique flowers, each one with specific needs that need to be discovered to express our whole beauty.

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The first important factor to look into, for me, to understand what blocks us, should be our environment. Most of it is related to our unconscious mind, so the first step is to become aware of our feelings and emotions in relation to what surrounds us. Realize what are those disturbing elements.

Could it be the workplace? Is it comfortable?  Is there enough natural light? Some plants with flowers on the window or around for inspiration. Minds work better when everything is in its place. Everything around us respects a certain structural order and I believe our mind unconsciously are set to recognize it and if a disorder is perceived we tend to be confused without even being aware of it.

Sometimes there are too many interruptions, from people or other activities we are called upon or too much going on in the mind.

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In my situation I realized there were many factors connected to each other, following one another in a circle.

The most important were the interruptions, it would break the concentration and I would find it very hard to get back where I left it, causing stress and dissatisfaction, which would then lead me to nervousness and I would eventually get up and go do something else easier.  This would turn into tiredness, mental fatigue and again a struggle to start the whole process again.

Remember we are at the starting point of the process when you already have to fight against a mental state filled with doubts and fears, low self-esteem, or tiredness, “what is the point of all this”, “my art will never sell” etc. etc. So once you have managed to fight with all your strength the wave of procrastination and negativity and finally get to start, now you have to stop, because….. And so the mental reasoning and excuses come back,  “but…… so and so is more important”. Unconscious that by giving priority to other factors and not that fragile and subtle voice within, leaves an underground resentment that affects our attitude towards life later and eventually our health. The difficult part then becomes how to say NO, knowing that it could offend some people that we love.

I believe the hardest part is to start and maintain a certain schedule of constant work without any interruption for a good amount of time so that our mind gets accustomed to it forming a habit, and that requires a lot of willpower and strength.

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The solution I found in my situation was that I needed to break away from everything. To look at my life from a different perspective and have the time to dedicate myself fully to the creative process, manifesting all those ideas and inspirations and try to embark upon a small activity with these works which could sustain my life.

So with help from family and friends and more effort to gather all my courage and overcome fears,  I have finally managed to fly to Portugal where I am now for a while able to concentrate exclusively on making my dream come true and share with you bit by bit my thoughts and experiences.

I would love to know how do you deal with unblocking your creativity. Why don’t you share your thoughts below? Thank you.


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