Creativity is Calling

Have you ever felt a spiral of ideas taking control over you that you find it hard to maintain a balance with your everyday activities?

Social interaction is very difficult in these moments, as the mind is continuously occupied imagining designs, paintings, words to be written.100_2760 (1280x900)


A conversation could give inspiration to another cloud of ideas. While the person in front of you is talking, you are off in another world. And there is no way the other can understand you unless it has experienced the same movement.

Maybe we are not all the same, but in my experience when the grace of creativity calls me, I have to listen, write it down, make a drawing, record it somehow or it will be lost in subsequent thoughts and actions or conversations.100_2675 (1280x960)

I used to write poems when I was much younger and one day I was quietly admiring a sunset when suddenly the perfect words lit up in my mind but I had nothing to scribble on, no cell phones in those days, so there I was, running through people to get back home as quickly as possible, like I was chased by a thief, just to scribble those perfect words. And having a great laugh of excitement in the process.

Inspiration and creativity are not to be taken for granted, at least in my experience.

When my life became too occupied with living and making ends ‘meet, I would let those words and ideas passing me by, I would say “Give them to someone else that has the time to manifest them and be known.” And little by little they seemed to fade in the background as louder thoughts became a priority.

The inspiration for paintings followed the same path. From immediately recognizing a detail for a painting, by allowing time to the eyes to focus, to slowly losing that capacity for being too busy. My vision did not have a deeper purpose, just watching my surroundings to avoid banging my face on a pole……
Attention was focused on something else.

I recuperated that capacity of vision when I decided to give up such a hectic life for a simpler one, with fewer commodities but more time.

Finally, I had that precious time to spend hours or days observing deeply everything around me. Little by little those simple touching details revealed themselves again, and the way you perceive the world around you changes completely. Flowers were not just flowers, they had personalities, different characters,  a perfect portrait. A simple detail like a touch of frost or a ray of light became a vision to share, for that unique vision produced a beautiful emotion in me which wanted to go out there and be a spark for others.100_2247 (1280x960)

And this is what Art is for me, in whatever expressions. Powerful sparks that generate beautiful emotions in each one of us, making us better people and pushing us to recreate a beautiful world by falling in love and recognizing that beauty around us.

A beautiful photo, a painting, a sculpture, a necklace, a song, a dress anything could become that spark for you.

Inspiration, as well as creativity, is always there wanting to be manifested but what they need is that we give them our full attention and time, and they will show up if you are there to meet them.  Remember never be late, they like punctuality!!  100E2457 (1280x960)


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