May Art Save the World

May the joy of creativity help dissolve the shadows of illusion and make our spark within shine brightly.

I have always been a firm believer that appreciating Beauty is a life-changing experience, it fills our mind with positivity and takes away the attention from the burden of our daily struggles.20170808_110921_Burst01 (1051x1280)

If there is one thing that has helped the whole of humanity, of all nationalities and cultures, expand their consciousness throughout the centuries, that is Art, in any form.

When each individual connects with that creative force within, the vision about Life changes. Its beauty and value are enhanced. The greatness of creation expressed through Nature, Universe, People is understood.

By being able to easily experience the works of Art of other people, one becomes inspired to do the same and finds that unique treasure inside oneself, from the poorest to the richest. Each one of us has something to give from that space, and when that happens we all speak the same language. We understand we all belong to the same big family.

20170808_130556 (1055x1280)We do not need expensive tools to create,  creativity can be expressed with whatever materials we have in our environment. I once saw such beautiful works done from African women who were recycling plastic from the beach brought by the sea. We can watch so many videos or pictures of amazing things that can be done out of very common materials.

I used to pick up little shells from beaches I visited and make wind chimes with a little bit of wool. A beautiful family I met while traveling, used to cut small pine branches and with a bit of fishing thread and wool, make puppets. They were so funny!

The purpose of all this is to keep us occupied with something to do that makes us smile, makes us feel good, connecting with that space within us that is the source of gentleness and kindness, breaking the wall that has been built by ideology, beliefs, grief, resentment, and struggles. It is such an important way, together with Sports, to focus on positive vibes which then create our reality.

20170810_115501_Burst01 (1081x1280)I continue to believe that the more people reserve, even a small part of their day, to express their own creativity, and the more us as a Community or Global Family give words of support to each other, the less violence we will see.   Especially the young ones that are more vulnerable and need more encouragement.

When one is young there are so many walls that are built within the mind as a way of defence from overwhelming situations that one has to face. It is the inability to know how to deal with unexpected issues that form the struggle. This is the moment to take the time to understand and ponder.  Our creativity will help us achieve a clearer picture.

We cannot avoid the difficult moments that we all have to go through, such is the nature of Life, but we can balance them by doing those things that bring happiness to us and as a result also to others.

Happy creative week to all!


2 thoughts on “May Art Save the World

  1. I like your blog and agree that art is so important for connection. It helps us connect to our inner self and express it and it connects us to each other – a dialogue. Art is healing in a profound way. The flower you created here is truly beautiful ❤️


    • Thank you so much for taking time to read this post and for your support. Everything you say is so very true. I think fear is what block most of us to let our creativity out.Your photography is so inspiring too!!


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