The Message

Mauro Morandi is a man that has been living alone in a small paradise island called Budelli near Sardinia, Italy. And when interviewed for an article by National Geographic he said
“I would like people to understand that we must try not to look at beauty but feel beauty with our eyes closed”
“Love is an absolute consequence of beauty and vice versa.” Morandi says.” When you love a person deeply you see him or her as beautiful, but not because you see them as physically beautiful… you empathize with them, you’ve become a part of her and she’s become a part of you. It’s the same thing with Nature.”

Morandi believes that teaching people how to see beauty will save the world from exploitation more effectively than scientific minutiae.

I encourage you to read this beautiful full article here:

This message resonated so much with me because it is something I always believed in through my own experience. Appreciating the beauty and making it become part of you makes you see the glass half full instead of half empty and so you treasure it and want to preserve it with all your strength. It became my life’s purpose. For me, this is the only way and hope to improve our lives and create a better world. And I believe that any expression of Art which reflects such beauty is one of the most important tools to make us become more conscious and empathize with such a reality.


smileface - CopiaWith my designs I wish to bring you joy and light, happiness and brightness spreading love and kindness. I think our lives are getting busier and busier and so caught up in solving so many problems and facing so many circumstances that within this spiral of events sometimes a funny picture a particular color or shape can wake us up and bring us back to our real nature of love and kindness. This is what I believe is the importance of Nature. Art when nature is not present. Art acting as a messenger from Nature to make us see and realize.

Andy Warhol says “There is beauty everywhere but not everyone sees it”.

I am not even near to achieve such a goal with my designs, but I have set myself to try at least. After such a long break, I can see how it is taking time for my expressions to fulfill the visions that appear in my consciousness. The heart is there, the feeling and emotions are there but the expertise is what is missing and that can only come through patience and hard work. Every day with practicing and learning.

And every day becomes another step further. Whenever a design is finished my heart rejoices and it becomes the light that pushes me to continue. There are so many designs waiting in a long queue to be manifested. Some are waiting for the proper material, some for the time, but little by little each one will have its place in this world. Each one carrying a meaning, whether for me or unconsciously for you that are looking at it.

And photography has helped me immensely to push me to paint and draw, and even now to catch that special something that only a camera can take.

Art is the language of the invisible, of the unseen becoming visible, but meaningful only to the observer in his/her own interpretation.

The path is unknown, it may be long or short, nobody knows, but like Albert Einstein said: “If you want to have a Happy Life, have a goal.” And so it is.


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