Missing the Details

The other day I published this picture on Instagram. The day before had been one of those days that happen sometimes, where your thoughts are filled with negativity and it seems that the light has suddenly vanished from the whole Universe.

Thankfully a good night rest brought the smile back and while I was drawing and listening to Il Volo singing il Mondo, some words struck me, bringing me to this picture I took in Portugal in summer, which described perfectly the feelings I had been going through.

So I posted: ” Sometimes shadows visit us unexpectedly and everything seems so dark, but thankfully it is a momentary illusion as the Sun is always shining behind! With a bit of patience, they too will eventually pass. Like an old Italian song, “il Mondo” performed beautifully by Il Volo says  “The World has never stopped for a moment, the night always follows the day and the day will come.” This picture has no editing or filter.”

Afterwards, @mybeautifulskyphoto left a comment saying:
“Great words! I see that little bird!”When I saw the comment I said: “What bird?”
And went quickly to check the picture. And there it was! That is the first thing I saw looking back at the picture, this beautiful little bird sitting on the antenna observing these amazing Dark clouds covering the village but staying clear away from the sea where the Sun was shining. Now it has become the most important aspect of the picture!

Probably I had seen it when I first saw the picture but as this one is part of a sequence of about 8, and the bird only appears on 2, I just did not remember. The only important memory left in me of the picture was the contrast between the clouds and the Sun shining behind, and even when posting, I did not notice it, but thanks for this comment, now it gives another much deeper perspective. And like she says: “It makes the picture!”


But this got me thinking how during the past months I have lost this capacity to observe details, which is fundamental when taking a picture or observing Nature, as it is when observing our own lives. The vortex of deadlines and to do items on our lists reduces so much our attention span that automatically, to save time, we miss details. Those tiny little details that are the most important part of the whole scenario. And this is partly due to a lack of mindfulness, as she beautifully describes with her thoughts in the blog My Beautiful Sky.

Just imagine how many perspectives there are in a certain picture, when we focus only on one aspect, how many details are we missing out, that could help us resolve our issue? This has taught me to force a break on the spiral of activities that prevent me from enjoying the little things that usually come as a surprise because those are the ones that put everything in its right perspective, making us understand the whole picture.

So I went for a long walk, ignoring the mind and concentrating on every tiny detail around me, and as a gift, this is what Mother Nature surprised me with.

100_3403 (800x600)


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