The Ideal World

Have you ever asked yourself what would be the ideal world you would like to live in?

I have, many times throughout my life. The question arose long time ago because I became fed up of my own complaints and those of the people around me. There was always something we were in disagreement with. The government, always, in whatever country, the world economy, the multinationals, conspiracy theories, people’s education etc. etc.

It always seemed that there was nothing to be happy about, but then I got tired. What was the point of complaining every day just for the sake of it, if we were not doing anything about it? Were our personal lives or personal behaviors any better just because we would sit all day highlighting the negative side, but really not doing anything to change it? Not really, actually the contrary.

So I asked myself if I could change the world, what would that be?

My particular dream was to see the world like a big United Tribe, living in harmony with the rhythms of nature and respecting each other differences through consciousness,  and learning to appreciate them, building bridges and not walls. In my dream, each one of us was taught to discover our own unique talents and express them into a service to the community, and that would become our form of exchange. No competition, no one is better than anybody else, but we are just at different levels of consciousness and learning. We help each other survive in honesty, we do not follow the law of the jungle whereby the “Strongest survives”, “I become richer because of your ignorance or gullibility.” We would learn to deal with negativity and fears and most of all there was no separation between the old and the young. Both are necessary and vital to each others growth and need to live together. Creative activities in Nature would be the main field of focus for the evolution of our consciousness. The purpose of all our activities would be to foment and develop positive and higher energies, not hiding our dark side but transforming it into the light.

I recently saw an amazing video that made this vision resurface in my memory, bringing me back to those days when I used to try and implement such a vision. I encourage you to watch it at this link. How scarcity creates Greed.

It is not a very easy question to answer. To have a vision for a different world, one would have to take into consideration the necessities of all the people, each one with its own particularity and different levels of consciousness. Not only our own desires.


100_3555 (800x600).jpgBut one thing I know for sure that could take us there one day is that if each one of us would take responsibility by working on expanding our consciousness in any way possible. Art is definitely one way, spiritual practices, meditation, reading, but most of all grow our empathy with the Nature around us. These are other great short videos from Sustainable Human which highlight just that. If you enjoy them, it would be nice to share them.Sustainable Human Videos

Sustainable Human. Earth Democracy

Sustainable Human. Coming Home to who we really are


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