One year blog

A couple of months ago WordPress advised me that this Blog had reached its first year. I was amazed. I could not believe already a year had passed.

It all started with the intention to show my paintings in the portfolio. Seeing that they were not coming out so easily, I moved on to show also my new creative expression which was Photography.

Photography then became the tool through which I expanded my comfort zone and dared to write a little bit more about what was happening with my creative process.

Suddenly my first like! I was happy but nervous at the same time. Up until then it felt that this blog was private, nobody was looking and nobody cared, so it was easy to dare. But after that first like, everything changed. Somebody was actually interested! Then came responsibility, wanting to do things better. That made me realize that something was possible.

Writing for a public it is not very easy for me, like talking. Not that there aren’t thousands of words running around my brain wanting to be expressed, like a perfect quote from @myintrovertconfessions ” For me, I See It (an explanation) clearly in my mind, but apparently sometimes when it comes out, it’s missing half the words.”

When I was younger I used to write poems and essays, and even later during my wonderings with the caravan, writing a journal every day was a great tool to measure and be aware of my achievements. But I was the only spectator allowed.

Now, those great moments occur only when I am completely alone and no other priority is in mind. Sometimes they arrive while in Nature, others when I am drawing, but always when there is complete silence, or some meditative music playing in the back.

On the contrary of talking, writing for the blog at least allows me enough time to bring it all out and little by little take out what does not make any sense. Sometimes they come out really easily and very poetic, others confused and out of harmony.  Consistency and practice, like James Clear says, produce better results.

It is an important tool we have to communicate with each other, to let you know me a little, the same way I love to read and know your story, your perspective. Writing is a great Art, some of you have such great talents, that when I read I almost cry when I find someone that has been able to express exactly an emotion or that something within, that only becomes meaningful through those words. And that is for me what writing and words have become. The moment I read or write those perfect words which resonate with that inexplicable sensation, this I or this mind becomes aware, and takes whatever that is into consideration. Like if it starts to exist.

I think it is because the way I write here is not like writing my personal journal, where I just let everything come out.

I write for you. I wish that my experience may help you, like when I read your story and it helps me in my path. I try to choose words that resonate with that feeling that I wish to share.

By writing it down in this way it becomes a proof that the mind can relate to, in a form of memory. Sometimes a problem can re-present itself and this is when I remember what I have written in a previous post on how I overcome it and can take it from there.

So the result of One Year Blog is learning to present you my Story better so you can acquire that insight from it. And as a result, my consciousness and awareness are expanding too.

I would love to know what blogging means for you?


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