The Color of Emotions

Have you ever wondered how the choice of colors throughout the day reflect the different energies and emotions we go through in each moment?

There is always something, in particular, that attracts our attention, a feeling that conditions our choice, at different times.

There are various sites over the web that can serve as guidance but I think it is always best to arrive at our own interpretation based on self-observation and awareness and then finding that word or definition which resonates with us.

The moment I started this new drawing I already had in my head the colors that would follow. Blue Green Yellow. Quite surprisingly the structure came out very easily, I felt very good with straight lines and triangles for a change.
“This is going to be really easy and fast,” I thought,  but as soon as I started coloring my whole being felt out of harmony.
My hands were carrying on the mind orders but something did not feel right. We were not aligned. The gut feeling was directing me towards other colors, but that meant doing the drawing all over again. I was so sure those were the ones I preferred, but when seeing them on paper, no, they did not correspond to the energy that needed to be expressed.  So unwillingly I picked up another paper and started all over again. I have learned by now not to force something that does not feel right.

That invisible something, that silent and subtle imperceptible sound that it is only heard when the mind quiets down and becomes humble enough to listen first. Not following that sensation is what makes us feel out of balance and confused. But it is so easy to ignore it. It usually wants us to do things the mind does not want to. But if and when we finally agree to follow then everything flows perfectly in its place and there is no struggle. Even if we have to repeat the process over and over.


So I left aside the drawing I was doing and started another, with the same structure, and kept on working with the colors that resonated with these sensations and emotions. At this point, I am still not aware of how it is going to be,  I am just putting the pieces that feel right together, and curious what the final outcome will be.

When in the afternoon I went for my daily walk in nature, these words came up to my head, which was a result of an interior debate about how sometimes we are fooled to do something we think is right for us but eventually backfires, because we have not listened and given priority to that subtle feeling.

Illusion is only momentary. Real is eternal. We can be fooled for a short time, but our Real Self, the Truth, will always prevail at the end. Who you really are can never be broken for t

When I looked at the finished design through these words, then I could make an interpretation and thus comprehend the reasons behind the colors and forms. It is a design unlike others, with straight lines and triangles giving it a very solid effect. Like a hard stone that cannot be broken, with the light always shining from within. And the colors are very pronounced, making it a statement. A star, shining with its own particular light. The colors here go from yellow, orange, red, purple, violet, indigo. Each one has various symbolic and spiritual meaning on its own, but none can express that sensation I feel when I look at them together.
For me, it means a necessity to rise above negativity, unite with the higher energies by remaining connected to the inner light.20171026_160745_Burst01

Now that these emotions had been processed  I could then proceeded to fill the second drawing with the colors first intended. The calming Blue, the vibrant and loving Green and the joyful yellow. This time colors are not so marked and the points of the Star are smoothed within the Circle. The Star has reached the Sky and is United. It is a completely different energy and sensation. For me a much more positive one when I look at it. Where the first one was passion and war, the second feels like achievement and relaxation, connection and unity.20171030_125802

Would you like to tell me when you look at them what are the feelings they evoke in you? I would love to know. Thank you.


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