Autumn Colors

There is a sense of melancholy the moment the weather changes and you know the summer is gone. Here in Rome it usually happens abruptly, from one day to the next there could be a difference of 10 degrees Celsius. You smell it in the air that something is different.

But it is so magical to watch day after day how nature all around is transforming itself, putting on another vest. Days get darker and leaves get brighter with so many different warm colors.

It seems to me that the lack of colors in the Sky, with grey clouds and rain, is contrasted with the beauty of the reds, oranges, and yellows of the leaves. To me it looks as if our great Sun want to remind us of his constant presence splashing his colors on the leaves, making them shine even without its light. It is really a wonderful view to appreciate.100_3849wp

Walking outside and being surrounded by so many colors and the thousands of birds that are all gathering together to migrate, makes you enter in another dimension. There is a special dance in the Sky during the month of November here. If you look up there are literally thousands of birds flying compact together making strange forms, they are so synchronized, it’s unbelievable. And their sound is so loud and incredible. I haven’t been fast enough with this little compact camera to catch those moments.

But I could not help expressing on paper the magic atmosphere around me. As always it did not start with that intention. A few days before I found a little shopping list in a pocket and there I had scribbled a little sketch of a mandala that came to mind but completely forgot about it. When I found it, I decided it was going to be my next drawing. I thought it was going to be a flower but in fact, having images of these beautiful red leaves in my head, it turned out to be colorful leaves becoming rays of the Sun.

All through the coloring though it was really an unknown territory. I had to make little examples on the side. One part wanted all colors in one leaf shading, another different. So I just threw myself into the void and risked by following feelings and not the rational mind, telling me how a leaf should look like!20171108_103202

The picture of leaves was telling me to put pink, light shades, but my artist feeling was adamant, it had to be just like it turned out. When now I look at it, it reflects completely the vision that appeared, so that says it all. Beyond logic. I feel at peace.

There is so much to learn from this, to be applied in our daily life. When we do not know something or are unsure, we have to learn to confide in our instincts or those strong gut feelings, but I think these have to be balanced with our own common sense and wisdom, which in the case of the Mandala is the geometrical structure that follows certain rules, which makes the end result in a perfect symmetry and harmony.

Even in our daily life, there are certain basic rules that need to be followed and respected that allow us to express ourselves fully. We can call these as the instruments that express the unknown. Without them, the result will be out of harmony. Be it in relationships, work, our health, our serenity. In each one of these fields, there are certain basic conditions which allow certain results. Having confidence in our instincts is fundamental but those need a structure that has proved to work time and time again so that unknown, is revealed in harmony and without a struggle.100_3814 (800x600)

Autumn leaves, this is exactly what inspires me. The coming of age, of old red wine, of cozy atmosphere, sitting by the fire and listening to wise words from The Elders. Because it is only and always when we come to a certain age that we understand our lives, and we comprehend the necessity of that structure, that so much we like to refuse when we are younger because we always know better.

A young spirit brings innovation, evolution and new ideas, but for those to work well and bring benefit to all, they need to be based on very good foundations, without which it can be a very hard struggle and most give up when the reality of survival sets in.

We all have a unique talent to be expressed, and that talent if given the conditions and the time, can become something exceptional from which the whole community will appreciate the benefit. But if those conditions are not pursued then we will always be manifesting half or a percentage of who we really are.

So if I had to give advice to any young, I would say know yourself, know what your talents are, what you do without struggle and are passionate about, and become exceptional at it through practice, consistency and by learning from someone who has more experience than you. Learn the structure. Understand what is important for your own basic survival. Food and shelter, and make sure you fulfill those when you are young, once you have gathered enough experience, the diamond will be ready to Shine to be a light for the whole world. And you will be free to be. This is your potential, it is up to you to manifest it. One step at the time. With lots of patience. Learn to listen to your inner self and treat the sweet sound of the world distractions as a spectator. Maintain your center, you have a goal. Never forget it. Focus and follow.100_3837 (1280x960)



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