Happy Happy New Year

May this New Year bring positive changes for everyone!

New Hopes
New Opportunities
New Ideas
More Awareness and understanding
More Peace and Kindness
More Colors and Light

I was told by @yintrospection that 2017 felt like a year of planting seeds, and it has been indeed for me.
So many new things were started, except for the Blog that started in 2016, everything else begun in 2017.

My first steps being aware of what to do to re-connect with my creativity and most of all starting to learn about the online world, smartphones, and social media.
It has been quite an adventure and there is so much to learn still but what seemed an impossible dream is now a reality.
Maybe like the first few leaves of a little plant, needing still a lot of care and protection until it will grow into a beautiful tree, but the seed has sprouted, and that is the most important thing.

What once seemed an overwhelming project, and still does, has conquered little goals, one little step at a time. Practically without knowledge and very few resources.
But this shows that when the willingness to strive for happiness is stronger than the fear of unworthiness keeping us in the shadows, we manage somehow to achieve some results.

Like I said in my previous posts the reason why we do something has to be greater than material rewards, although they are very necessary, or recognition and fame, although they serve our purpose, but because these are the fruits of our projects, what is going to lift you up while the plant is still growing and the fruits are still a mere possibility?

It is the joy you derive from all the process, it is the healing that is occurring within you when you allow space for your creativity to come to light. It is the Knowledge you acquire, the expansion of your consciousness and the positive energy that you create. The new connections and the sharing of your experiences that make the journey an interesting one, and the little sparks of light that appear just when you get lost in the dark tunnel again in form of words from a quote, a blog or a comment, or a little bird watching you, or a new flower shining on your path..

May you find joy deep within you and treasure it, being aware what caused it so you can create the space for that to occur again and again.

Be Kind to yourself and create a wonderful 2018. Thank you so much for your support, it has been and it is a pleasure to discover so many beautiful and interesting stories from each one of you.2018 FINAL



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