Digital Effects

To celebrate the start of a New Cycle and renovation I have decided to venture into the world of Digital effects and explore the infinite possibilities that I may discover.

The first time I took a little glimpse was with a Mandala drawing that did not turn out very well, and while investigating Paint.Net, I thought I played around with it and was so surprised and pleased that I used it for some products. But at that moment I left it there for future


Paint.Net, if you do not know, is a program similar to Photoshop that you can download for free, but if you are able, you can give a donation to its developers, because it is, for me, a very good program, and I am sure is helping many people that cannot afford anything else.

So this idea has been lying in the recesses of my brain for sometimes, slowly I created a Board on Pinterest about Fractals and Digital Art, admiring such amazing works, that I cannot even imagine how they are done, and little by little the desire to try something new myself, bringing back that excitement of the unknown.

I have looked into Digital painting too but that requires acquiring different materials and I am not sure I want to give up yet the fun of physically mixing colors and watch the results. Maybe it will be a natural progression, you never know where creativity takes you. You can only be aware of the present moment and the resources available now.

Through Instagram I instantly fell in love with the works of  James R. Eads, maybe because they remind me of my own style when I painted on canvas, but when I saw one of his videos while making them, you see how he uses a pen on a huge screen, and I was amazed, to say the least. As a technology illiterate, of course, that was for me out of the Art world I have known up to now. But the results are so beautiful that it made me want to investigate. Who knows, maybe one day…

Fractals is another file with many links that I have set aside, which require full attention to learn, but I have considered it as the next step from where I am now. I have found this link with free tools for Fractal generators if you are interested, Best Free Fractals Generator Tools but I have not tried them yet. When I will do, I will prepare another post with my experiences.

First I will like to explore and discover anything there is with simple effects and then venture into fractals.

It is really an amazing new world, if my brain would not cry for a break, I could be lost in it, without noticing the passing of time,

I will be focusing on applying effects on some of the photos of flowers or anything that I have that seems interesting and see if anything WOW comes out. Like this “Balloon Flower” I have tried. You can read more about the flower from my photography Portfolio The Surprise

This was the sequence and I was very happy with this outcome, but unfortunately, as you can see I did not take into account the borders, where the image looks cut. When I tried to repeat the process, it was not possible, unless probably I spent a whole day trying.

So next time I will definitely take notes on how I got there, just in case. Even a small variable in the equation and the result is so different.
I always say Art is a very  risky business, sometimes we are happy with the result but there is always this thing that pushes you to do something more and maybe it is going to get better, and it doesn’t, or it does, you never know, unless of course you do the same painting or drawing over and over, each time with a slight variation and then at the end you decide what is best.

ultraviolet4 At least we learn from our mistakes, and we have the opportunity to start again.

If you ever try it or you are already experienced, would love to hear your story in the comments.


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