Artist Block. The Dark Forest.

“Artistic Block feels much more like a wall that comes between you and your soul’s expression – sometimes with such force that the world isn’t quite right again until that feeling is lifted and your creativity is returned.”

Have you ever come across a moment when you follow your daily routine of giving space to your creativity to find that nothing wants to come out? You scribble something, throw some paints around, but nothing has any meaning.

The whole of your being has asked for a change but from there to know what to do, it seems there is a broken bridge where information is not passing through.

Before it was the lack of motivation, or environmental issues, or not having a schedule. When you overcome all that and keep manifesting projects, you think your problem is an overload of ideas, but suddenly everything disappears. A blank page?

Now everything looks like a confused rabble without meaning. Why?


Because there are too many questions whether what you are doing is the right thing. You have read too many articles, listen to too many live videos about what you should be doing, “…too many questions and doubts have grown like big trees around you blocking out the sun. There is no longer a clear way forward. You are lost. Welcome to the Dark Forest.” Growing Gills by Jessica Abel.

They say it is better to take a break or a change of scenery, but when we can’t get away from our creativity practice because that is what gives us our sense of purpose then we just have to let it all out.


Whatever comes. Let it be. Even if does not have any meaning to you. Let it be. Let it exist. It is all necessary. Everything is part of you, every piece of art is a part of ourselves in a particular moment in time, and should not be hidden or thrown away. That is the stepping stone to our next level.

The consciousness you acquire through this experience is the change you craved allowing for a different perspective.

The most important thing is NEVER GIVE UP! Always continue doing something with your creativity. Sketches, doodles, digital drawings, anything to maintain the fire alive, even if it feels just like a little candle for the time being.

Work in Progress

One day it will all make sense. You will see the full picture and realize that it has served you like pieces of a puzzle.

I threw myself into making lots of Zazzle products which were easier than drawing a new design, or I kept myself busy by manipulating my own images with digital programs entering a new world of wonder. But nothing of this fulfils me and relaxes me as much as drawing and painting.

So I forced myself to past the fear of the unknown and just tried to come up with a new mandala. And finally, it worked. With patience and time, little by little, one piece at a time. The feeling is back, at least for a little while.

Work in Progress


  1. This is going to be Awesome
  2. This is Hard
  3. This is Terrible
  4. I’m Terrible
  5. Hey, not bad
  6. That was Awesome

    Kazu original Twitter Post

Recognize any of these??  🙂 🙂 🙂


2 thoughts on “Artist Block. The Dark Forest.

    • Thank you so much for your beautiful comment and I am so glad you found it helpful! Reading Growing Gills from Jessica Abel and participating at her free workshops really nailed what I was going through, and she really explains the process very well, you can follow her for free on Facebook, she is very helpful. The “Dark Forest” happens many times, by following what I write here I have been able to start again all the time. It seems that if we get stuck is because our creativity needs a kind of reset, like having to switch the pc after an upgrade. Follow what you feel like doing and then you will come back with much deeper insights. I hope you will find it helpful. Wishing you a great evening!


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