Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” Vista M. Kelly

cameliawpInstead of what looked like the coming of spring, seeing little flowers blossoming everywhere, and discovering amazing Camellia trees, suddenly a shift on the weather brought snow all over Europe, North Africa and now in the States.

Since I have been here in Rome it has snowed twice before, but it is a very rare event. One that paralyzes the whole city and makes everyone feels like it’s Christmas again!
I woke up Monday morning with the surprise of seeing everything covered with beautiful white snow.

It is so amazing how the whole scene can change, feeling like being in fairyland.


I was so excited and amazed that I really felt like rushing out and explore all the places I usually walk and take all that beauty in.


If there is one thing that can get me out of bed quickly is the love and wonder of Nature.
I am usually a very slow riser, too much action in the morning confuses me. I may look awake but my brain is still in wonderland and it takes me about an hour to adjust to reality.
But this time I had to force myself to relax and contain my happiness and have breakfast at least, just like a little kid. It was hilarious!!


What would we do without our beautiful Nature? Where would our inspiration of Love, Joy and kindness come from? Where could we find a place that heals our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and for free?


Thank you Mother Nature for such a great gift!!

May we learn to live in harmony with each other and with your rhythms and needs.

Love & Peace




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