Thank You!

On the 9th of September, it has been the second year of my presence here in this beautiful Community, so I wanted to Thank each one of you for your support, and for your beautiful and interesting posts that have also helped in keeping me going.

What had started as a simple blog where to showcase my works in silence, is growing slowly into a lovely vision to help both you and I raise our vibration and thus expand our consciousness.

What this Blog and being part of this lovely Community has meant for me is the re-connection with my own inner light and soul while trying to find a way to be of service to you.
To find the words to describe my learning journey, meant being conscious and aware of the changes occurring within me and how I overcome the challenges.

This then became, “How can I be of help?”. Which results in, what is helping me feel better will help you in your journey too.
But as my Artistic journey evolved, I was faced with the problem of organizing time to be able to do everything, and the thing that was stressing me more than anything was writing, that is trying to find the correct words to pass the message without boring you.

So the realization that it did not matter that the words were not mine. What is important is the message that one tries to convey, and I am so happy to see that some of the quotes that I have been sharing resonate with many of you, that is the purpose. These quotes and many more have helped me describe those moments of understanding and acquire new insights.

I do write quite a lot, especially in relation to the meaning behind my drawings but I still find it very difficult to compose an interesting post. For sure there is a reason why I am more attracted to Visual Arts. But by reading your posts whenever I can, I hope to learn and make it become easier.

My goal for this year will be to find a balance between my Art and being able to post more.

In the meantime may the quotes and my humble captures of moments in nature help you in your lovely journey of self-realization.


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