A vision of Equity

“Just and fair inclusion. An equitable society is one in which all can participate and prosper. The goals of equity must be to create conditions that allow all to reach their full potential. In short, Equity creates a path from hope to change.” Angela Glover Blackwell

“Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means everyone gets what they need.”
Rick Riordan

These are the insights that emerged while creating this Mandala. The word Equity kept pushing its way forward into my mind.
(Sorry if it is a bit long, for as much as I tried I could not make it shorter! Still learning!)

When everything is created by following a natural order which already exists behind all creations than there is enough space for everyone, there is plenty for everyone.

But when everything is placed randomly from a little mind perspective, without connecting and considering the whole, then some will benefit more at the cost of others, some will occupy more and leave little space for others. That is not Equity.

Equity comes when each cell occupies its place up to those designated dimensions so that all have equal spaces and form a beautiful harmonic Unity, just like our beautiful bodies do.


At first, I began the drawing freely without an initial structure. I had a sketch made before and thought that it was perfect to be transferred to the canvas. I assumed it would all fall into place naturally. Soon I realized, that there was a lack of harmony, although in love with the colors and the outcome, deep within, my light was intuitively saying that there was something missing, it was not reflecting the truth.

Without lines to guide me, I had given more space to one cell than the other, so at the end, some had very little while other had much more, and the whole drawing looked out of balance. There was no Equity.

This word became the realization for the second and final manifestation of the initial vision.

So I started again but this time creating an initial structure, as I have always done before, with lines to guide me for the dimensions of each space.


And the light within my consciousness finally exploded revealing the concept and full message of this vision, for me to then pass it on to you.

Translated into the World, I see each one of us given the necessary space in respect and in balance with the Planet ecosystem, where we can all enjoy the same rights and benefits, where we can all thrive according to our true purpose. And this cannot be translated into a Totalitarianism system, like communism or fascism, obliging people to respect some standards through force or manipulation.


I believe that by all focusing on the same common goals that are necessary for the correct maintenance of the planet and for each one of us to live a dignified life where we are able to express ourselves freely, then these goals are realized through working in cooperation with one another.

This is as the Universe is programmed so it is in Nature, Everything is perfect. Everything has its place working in harmony together. There is no lacking, there is abundance for everyone. It is a perfect ecosystem, nothing is wasted and everything works for the benefit of the whole.

The difference with us, Human Beings, is that we have the power to choose what we want to create.

“The more we honor ourselves as fractals of the whole, we elevate the health of the entire Planet.” Tanishka Moon Woman


While drawing, if one simple thing like the rubber is missing, I am lost I can’t move on,  the simplest materials or tools like a rubber or a pencil sharpener, become essentials to the manifestation of a creation, so is each one of us.
We cannot consider ourselves useless, for as small and simple as we might consider ourselves to be for any reason, we must accept that each one of us is essential to the outcome of this great project that we call Earth. And why? Because there is a Light within us. And the same is for the materials and animals that we benefit from for our realities.

Once we all realize the importance of connecting with our light within and let it guide us, she will make us feel love and respect for our Planet and treat all beings as equals.
Through Meditation, being in silence in Nature, focusing on our heart instead of our mind, It will guide us into making the correct decision aligned with our real feelings, from the food we love to eat, to the clothes and the way of life, favoring those people that have already created a fair market which is line with the sustainability of the Earth and the respect of the people’s labor.

What are we fighting for? Why are we fighting with one another? When you look at the formation of Creation and see that we are all light, then you see that we are all shining and we all reflect the same light.

This is who we are in essence.

The material form is different, each belonging to a different part of the Planet with a type of body necessary to survive in that part of the world. Each culture that has existed and exist has contributed to the Global family that we are today.

The old paradigm of separation no longer serves the evolution of Humanity and the expansion of our consciousness. The call is for Unity through diversity and Equanimity.

The High is High because of the Low.

So let’s give priority to what is most important THE SOURCE, THE BASE.

equity sun

Without the materials which have been constituted by the formation of all plants and animals, we cannot live or build anything.

Then comes the labor of the people, your energies, your talents, your minds, your sacrifices, without even the smallest person in this world nothing can happen.

If we skip this important step, confusion, chaos, disease occurs, which is what is happening.

First, let’s care for and respect the Source of our existence.

Each Spark is the representation of the Spiritual Sun, abusing the Spark, is abusing the Source of Light. By respecting the Creation, I respect the Creator.

No more war between brothers and sisters, no more lacking where there is abundance.

Each one of us is entitled to a space where to live, it is our birthright. Each one of us we belong to the Sun and the Planet and no one can be left behind.

Even if one little spark is missing the Sun cannot Shine in all its glory for the benefit of all creation.

Together we will be able to restore order through our choices.

Listen to the Sound of Creation which talks through Silence, then recognize that sound manifested in the world, and do not let the noise of the old paradigm distract you from your real purpose.

Follow the Light.


a vision of equity gold mandala
Updated with Gold and Blue background on December 2019

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