We are One -Happy Full Moon!

“Love is how it feels to recognize our essential unity. Awakening to oneness is the experience of Big Love. Knowing you are one with all, you find yourself in love with all.”
Timothy Freke

Happy Leo Full Moon! With the strength of Leo, I wanted to catch the occasion to finally start connecting with you again and start sharing the works and ideas I have been working on.

I had started this Flower of Life a long time ago but left it as I did not know how to proceed with colors and it has been the piece that got me out of my anxiety and slowly picked up the confidence to enjoy drawing and painting again.

There are many explanations and interpretations behind it but the one that resonates with my truth became the motivation that pushed me to start the New Year coloring it and so manifest it into reality. You can read more in The Flower of Life

Within it lies the basic structure of all Creation, so it has become the starting point from where I lay the foundations of all the ideas I wish to realize during this year, through this Blog and my creative work, wanting to help expand our consciousness so we may Care for our Mother Earth more through our daily little actions.

The energy of this Full Moon pushes us to speak our truth and express our creativity from the heart, breaking the boundaries of fear and self-doubt.

And even if with health issues we can always take little steps to do what we love and share it with the world.

I have stopped sharing lovely Quotes because I could not find anything that resonated with what I was going through, and my whole body refused to put up with technology for more than 30 minutes!

Sometimes our inner being requires us to take a step back and just rest. That does not mean that we are procrastinating but there is so much going on internally on a spiritual level that we need to take care of ourselves, to connect to Nature, to be aware of the feelings within our body, what we truly feel like doing, not what our mind thinks we should be doing.

Remember the mind sometimes can be disconnected to our inner being as it is prone to be influenced by external inputs, but our gut knows the truth, we just need to allow silence and rest from too much information coming in!!

Just trust the process, give it all the time it needs until one day there will be something that you will want to do and from there the next step will lead you to subsequent ones.

Enjoy the lovely creative energy available to us this week, listen to it and push yourself to do anything you love from the heart. One little step at a time. Even 5 minutes every day is a tiny ray of light that will grow in a beautiful shining Sun.

Just like I did, and although slowly but steady I am back to creating again, full of ideas and little goals I am achieving every day, and great hopes for the future.

One little step every day is better than none at all.

Thank you all for being You and for your continued support and lovely expressions. Thank you for your existence!

Happy Creative Beautiful Week!


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