What does it mean to you?

Mandalas like other forms of Ancient Art, act as mediums between the seen and unseen dimensions.

The interpretation and insights appear to me during the process or after, but sometimes it occurs that there are only pure emotions and silent words, which I am unable to describe.

This is such one, and in these cases, I wish to be one of you beautiful writers out there that are able to express feelings so beautifully.

The healing aspects of Mandalas are the balancing of our state of mind and the revelation of emotions from our subconscious mind, which expand our awareness.

I would love to know in the comments below the first words that come to you when you look at it.

When I made this Mandala I could not even come up with a Title so I posted it on Instagram and asked if anybody could help me.

And it was so beautiful that many people responded, the word that was most repeated became the title “RADIANCE”, and with all the rest of the words, I created a poem and this poster, which you can also find in my Zazzle shop.

For me, it represents the fulfillment of our Soul Purpose. Our beautiful Light Shining from within and expanding its fragrance all around.

radiance mandala poster

Thank you so much for participating, and for sharing what it makes you feel. I would love to write another poem!!

You can read about the process HERE.


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