A Mystery of Beauty

“But He who keeps his heart awake, will know and live this Mystery; While the eyes of his head may sleep, His heart will open hundreds of eyes.” Rumi

In December a beautiful IG friend Celia from @mybeautfulskyphotos shared a link to a YouTube video that left me amazed and very intrigued.

Beautiful Images of Crop Circles formations. YouTube Video Link

She mentioned that from 8:13 there was one that she really liked. And when I started drawing again, the first thought was to try and make this painting for her.

And so I began the research into this limitless subject, with the discovery of even more beautiful images and amazing stories.

I had heard about them maybe 20 years ago, but again with little or no access to the internet and no Google, that information remained lost in memories.


This painting is the result of a crop circle that appeared in MartinSellHill in Wiltshire in the UK, on the 7th July 2018. It has a diameter of about 200 feet and it was harvested very quickly after the discovery so very few photos remain.

martisellhill crop circle
Photo Credit CropCircleConnector.com

It is an amazing five-pointed star dividing into subsequent ones.
“Five is the number of life, regeneration and the fecundity of nature. The pentagram is the generator of the Golden Section; that hallowed ratio which is founded in the proportions and growth patterns of all living things and then translated into sacred spaces – temples, churches….. Looking at their varied uses in our culture, it might be said that they represent ‘that which we aspire to’ and in some ways the human spirit or soul. The association to magic has similar connotations, perhaps the pentagram is also connected to the ultimate magic of what it is to be human?” from temporarytemples.co.uk

Drawing it was an amazing experience, to realize the perfection of its structure and how it could have been made, it’s mind blowing and you can only observe it in awe. I detail the process HERE.

Although at first, I thought the drawings were too beautiful and perfect to be made by man in such little time as some declare, after making it and upon further investigation I personally believe there are some amazing artists out there that are capable of drawing such precise structures in this kind of big scale.

I found this article that deeply resonates with what I believe from an interview with one person that had been charged for making some of the circles. Crop Circles – The Human Angle

Like all Art and every invention that has been created out of the blue in the history of humankind, who really knows where our inspiration comes from? Yes, there are many aspects of our everyday life that influence our final creation, but so many times I have recognized an invisible thread leading me from one place to the next in a perfect sequence.

I would love to know your thoughts. Have you ever heard of Crop Circles? And by the way Happy February!! A new month filled with possibilities!




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