Happy March!

“Observe the stars more often.
When you have a weight in the soul, look at the stars or at the blue of the sky.
When you feel sad, when they offend you, when something will fail you, when the storm rages in your mind, go out in the open air and entertain yourself alone with the Sky. Then your soul will find rest.”
Pavel Florenskij

When we look at the Sky we are actually never able to see the beauty of our own Earth, we can only imagine it.

I realized this painting from a vision of the Earth with a Golden Thread running through it connecting everything.

By looking at it suspended in a deep night sky it reminds me of her preciousness and to care for her as much as everything else that is touched by this invisible Golden light.

When I look at this vision it makes me aware that we are never alone. If I follow this golden thread from within my heart I am connected to the whole Universe, and that which is nearer to me will appear into my reality to lift my mood or encourage a smile.

It could be a bird, a flower or an act of kindness from someone.

You can read more of the process here.

Background image courtesy of Paige Weber at Unsplash.com



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