Earth Day – Protect our Species

“Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife is being used, abused and exploited.
It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it’s too late. Extinction means forever.”
Paul Oxton

Background Photo by Ken Goulding on Unsplash

Today is the celebration of Earth Day. On April 22, 1970, millions of people took to the streets to protest the negative impacts of 150 years of industrial development, thus marking the beginning of awareness for environmental protection. EarthDay

But we are also aware that earth day is every day, our Planet needs our help through every little action we can take every single moment of the day.

photo courtesy of Will Bolding

This year’s theme is “Protect our Species”, protect our wilderness and wildlife. So many species are in danger of being extinct forever if we do not spread the awareness that it is our choices of living that are affecting the entire ecosystem of the Planet which as a result is affecting us.

Much has been done since 1972 in terms of awareness and the growing number of laws and associations that are contributing to the preservation and protection of our wildlife but still, we are a growing population, nearly 8 billion, and the killing goes on and slowly the beauty and treasures of our Planets are disappearing, if we do not wake up in time.

Photo by Chris Charles on Unsplash

Where do you find Pure Love if not in the admiration of beauty around us? In the tender looks of any animal on earth showing us so much compassion and love. Where did we learn first about love if not in the infinite magical sensations of our natural surroundings? How will we remember what pure love is when nothing is going to be left to remind us of it?

“We should not need to have a “Save an Animal Day”, Save from what?, It is in fact “Save from who”. It is Human Kindness, Compassion and Caring that so desperately needs to be saved.” Paul Oxton

All of us that have had pets, or a vegetable garden or have taken care of any natural environment knows the immense joy and love one receives from them. Even just a silent walk in the woods puts you in a different mood.

For those that need proofs, there is confirmation from Science now, about the related benefits of being in Nature, or having a pet and connecting with animals. “Study co-author Prof Andy Jones, also from UEA, said: “We often reach for medication when we’re unwell but exposure to health-promoting environments is increasingly recognised as both preventing and helping treat disease. Our study shows that the size of these benefits can be enough to have a meaningful clinical impact.” You can read more at Science News -It’s official — spending time outside is good for you

The diseases of humankind, are a result of our separation from our natural environment. We do not need to live in a cave to be able to be connected but we must be able to counter-balance the effects of our living in buildings that are made with materials that increase this feeling of separateness with spending more time in nature and bringing more nature into our homes.

Photo by Sofia Zubiria on

I left Kenya 29 years ago and there was so much going on with regards to the killings of Rhinos for their horns and Elephants for their tusks. So much money was spent on their protection, so many people got killed, so many campaigns, and now after so many years, we are still talking about the same thing, we are still seeing people hunting beautiful animals for sport, we are still seeing massive production of cattle that are causing climate disasters, of which we have been aware of already for 15 years.

But so many people continue living like it is not their problem. Why? Most are so busy trying to survive and make ends meet they have no time and consciousness to solve yet another problem that seems so big and out of our hands to change.

Most live in houses that disconnect us from the natural and healing vibrations of the earth. Eating foods that are causing diseases and brain malfunctions and as a result a loss in consciousness.

Technology as good as it is to spread information and connecting to each other is also a double edge sword that is keeping us away from our natural rhythms if we are not disciplined enough. And all this unconsciousness and brain fog causes us to not have sufficient sensitivity when we have to make decisions that can change the lives and survival of so many animals and forests.

photo by SK on

What I see is that there is a lack of understanding of the connection between our way of living and the degradation of the Planet. And this is what needs to be addressed.

And for this, I am so grateful for the internet and the people that are constantly sharing this kind of information, giving the opportunity for each one of us to spread this knowledge to impact people’s awareness.

What can we do today to help solve the problem? There are so many things we can do, each one in our own little world and just doing one thing at a time until it becomes a habit.

  1. Treat animals with kindness and respect, learn about their true needs.
  2. Learn about your local wildlife and how you can help preserve it.
  3. Recycle everything that you can.
  4. Eat a locally-based diet that is sustainably sourced.
  5. Consume only what you need, avoid waste.
  6. Eat less meat.
  7. Limit energy usage through switching off appliances, efficient heating, and cooling systems.
  8. Avoid single-use plastic and plastic in general.
  9. Choose fair trade products that help local communities.
  10. Choose products that come from sustainable production and that no animal has been involved for the making of it.
  11. Choose responsible Eco-tourism for your holidays which support environmental and wildlife protection associations.
  12. Practice mindfulness and meditation, these simple habits will connect you to your inner light, increasing your consciousness and vibration which as a result will make you feel like doing all of the above with ease, as a natural part of your being without struggle and pushing. Remember the moment you change your vibration and your wants, the Universe will conspire to connect you with the information you need, to make it a reality.

You can check this Earth Day link to learn more about what you can do: Take Action

The truth is that we are one with the planet, with the animals, with Nature. Living a peaceful and joyful life filled with beauty and happiness goes hand in hand with living in harmony within ourselves, with our neighbors and with Nature.

If this is what we really want then we need to stand up for it, each one of us creates it in its own thoughts, feelings, actions and thus it will be a reality for all.

Let us be the voices of those that cannot speak and do not have a choice but are obliged to live by what we decide to do.

Thank you so much for reading and for saving our beautiful Earth!

protect wildlife red bubble

I have made this design available in my new Red Bubble shop to donate any income to the Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation of Paul Oxton from South Africa and the Born Free Foundation from the UK who are both very dedicated to the welfare of all endangered animals.


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