The Power of our Thoughts

“The World is a projection of our Collective Consciousness. If our Collective Consciousness reaches that place of Peace, Harmony, Laughter and Love than it will be a different world.” Deepak Chopra

What we do, feel and think in each moment affects the whole consciousness and we all feel the consequences whether we are aware or not.

Recent studies in Physics are confirming that there exists a unfied field of existence.
“What we’ve discovered at the foundation of the universe is a universal field where all the forces and particles of nature are united as one,” says Dr. Hagelin. “They are ripples on a single ocean of existence.”

The Planet and the Universe belong to this unified field of consciousness, so is Nature, the Animals and the Whole of Creation. All are affected constantly by the movements originated within it.

If you want to know what is happening around, observe the behavior of all the animals and insects around you. They are very sensitive to all frequencies and electromagnetic fields exisiting and act in consequence.

Especially if you have dogs or cats, just observe consciously how they react to what you feel.

Our bodies are surrounded by an electromagnetic field that constantly emanates frequencies that are related to our deepest thoughts, feelings, and health.

It does not matter how much you smile or how many positive words you speak if that is not in alignment with what you really feel. It is the energy and frequency that you emanate which is perceived to those sensitive enough.

How we are affecting, positively or negatively, depends on each one of us, not the identity we show to the world but what is really going on within us, our true feelings.

Are we doing what we love? Are we giving freedom to our deepest wants? Are we releasing our pain and substituting it with positivity and new hopes? Are we even aware of what is going on within?

Meditation, being in silence, taking time off to sit quietly with oneself, observe the beauty of nature, Creativity, are all ways that help transform our sorrows and allow positivity into our system.

When we are aware of our thoughts, as soon as we hear the “negative committee” coming online instead of putting more wood to the fire by agreeing with them, we simply ignore them and let the noise die on its own continuing to focus on the positive.
Because we know that otherwise we are thrown into a spiral of low frequencies that never take us anywhere nice.

“I truly believe the intention of creative positive change is so important to the collective consciousness . When you have a group of people that have the intention and the capacity, talent and intelligence to actualize those intentions, then you have something really powerful.” Jimmy Chin

It is not easy at all. It takes a lot of mind control and strength to not give in. It needs daily practise, but I believe that when we become aware about how damaging this negative energy is that we allow to emit, we choose to resist and stick with positivity.

We are constantly bombarded by negativity every moment of the day, between news, social media, the neighbours complaining, and our own distress that makes it so much easier and better to continue complaining.

It takes strong will and determination to say no and focus on the good instead. Because even in the worst moment, we can always find something beautiful to focus our thoughts on.

“Meditation is a means for each of us to make a powerful, personal contribution to the collective peace and coherence, strengthening life in the way that’s needed most — from within.”
Jeanne Ball

Collective Consciousness And Meditation: Are We All Interconnected by an Underlying Field?

Sometimes it can just be a beautiful butterfly coming to say hello reminding you that there is another world, there is another way.

This is how we change the world . By our daily actions, by changing the way we feel through our thoughts. Now it’s the time , now we can do it together.

The internet has shown us how we are all connected, there are cultural differences but in reality we deeply all want the same peaceful and sustainable world, that allows us to have a dignitous life.

We just need to remember all the time that whatever we do and think affects the whole collective consciousness. This is how powerful you are, use it wisely.

Because the negativity that we put out there comes back to us in one way or the other, and so it is the same with positivity.

The more we work hard to remain in the positive and do not give in to the old paradigm and the negative energy that exists in the world, the more positivity comes to you and the World.

This is how we change the world like never before.

“Be the change you want to see in the World” Ghandi.


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