We Are All One


20 years ago I had a vision and imagined that each spieces on this Earth were a representation of the whole universe placed upon this special and unique planet to thrive in Unity, creating thus this amazing paradise we live in.

I believe that each one of us belong to a tribe and it is only through Peace, Love, Unity and Respect that we will all experience the best of life and thrive. United Tribes.

Noone can be left behind, no race, no animal, plant or rock, no river, lake or ocean.

This is what the colors of the rainbow mean to me.
We may look all different on the outside, just like each color and maybe we vibrate at different frequencies, just like colors but we can never forget where the rainbow comes from.

When you pass the beautiful shining light of the Sun through a prisma you have the formation of colors.

Therefore all colors come from the same Ray of Light, so is each one of us, and thus deserving of the same respect regardless of our appearance.

Same is for ideology, religion, culture, sex or otherwise.

Respect, Honor and Respect the light within us all, in the animals, in the plants in the rocks in the rivers, in the ocean in the lakes,
our Planet Earth.

It starts from each one of us. The battle is within.

What we see outside it is only a reflection of what we have within.

The name United Tribes also was born and through an Association with a group of friends we organized cultural festivals as a way to expand our conosciousness for the evolution of humanity that would include all beings, learning to respect our environment.
We had to end it because of lack of funds but the concept and vision remains, and it was such an amazing learning experience to understand that before any vision can be manifested, there is a deep internal work that needs to be done. And so it is with Humanity.

This is where we are heading willingly or unwillingly. The resistance only causes more suffering. Transformation is due for all and each one of us, and it has been happening for a while, we are just starting to see the results on a larger scale.

When you want to purify water by boiling it, all the dirt comes up to the surface to be removed, and so it is with us and the Planet.

Love and respect is a choice each one has to make if we really do not want to see any more unfortunate experiences.

The ball is in our court. We choose what we want.

Starting from who do we want to see represented in the decision making world.
Not only the politicians but the thousands billionaires that are so thanks to what we buy every single day.

Support small business and those that prove that have Fair and sustainable practises.

Otherwise we are only reacting to something just because it is right to do so at the moment, like with everything else. In a few days there will be another viral video and all this will be forgotten and in our consciousness, we think we have done our part by sharing a post or a video

But the real work starts within you in every little action that you take in every single moment of your living day.
Take Action. The world needs you.
Take the opportunity of this Lunar Eclipse to dig within you and allow your real feelings to be released without judgements and feel love for all creation.

If you don’t it is because you, like all of us, have some negative emotions trapped within your consciousness from the past that needs to be released nothing else.

We all have them. Accept them and let them go.
The more we let go the more the light will shine and you will feel in tune with your spirit and in Unity with all that is.

And the more the World will reflect that ideal Vision.

We need to learn to be Spirit centered not ego centered.


Rainbow Nation is the Earth and we all belong to the Rainbow.


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