What I have learned in 4 years on WordPress

“The Only thing that stands between Dreams and Reality is persistence”.
Abhijit Naskar, Neuroscientist.

Every year on this date, WordPress reminds me of the first day I have opened and published my first post.

It all started with an idea and a vision that it has slowly been shaping, changing itself over these years.

From my first post here, showing my first painted T-shirt, until I became “social”, it took almost another year until June 2017, when I promoted my works on Social Media and began using Instagram and Facebook for the first time.

An amazing journey of discovery of the new technologies, and also an interesting journey of unfolding and self-discovery, discovering new skills and new inspirations for my Art.

Sunset Photo with Quote about Persistence

On WordPress, I found a beautiful, supportive Community and so many interesting and helpful blogs.

I am so immensely grateful to all the people that have published all the thousands of articles, blog posts, webinars and You Tube videos that have made me grow, expand my knowledge and consciousness, and most of all giving me courage to do the same.

I believe this is the most important aspect of having a channel of expression on the online world.

We share what we know, from the experience that we have, with our own unique perspective of life, so we all help one another.


  • I have learned to have patience with myself. Our Blog or website grows as we grow. While our consciousness expands, so we continue to make adjustments and add more features.
  • If we do not have followers or people do not react to our blog posts, these are feedback that makes us understand where we need to adjust, what we need to learn.
  • Everything takes time and consistent practise to see some results.
  • Never give up. Retreat if you need to but always come back with refreshed energies and perspectives, we need your unique vision of life.
  • Learning to overcome my internal blockages and respect my natural rhythm and flow.
  • Learn from others but do not let Social Media influence or cover your beautiful, unique voice.
  • Never compare yourself with others. We all have a unique process to follow. What others do, serves as an inspiration to move forward but always staying authentic to who we really are.
  • Take time to be with yourself in silence and listen to your inner guidance and the true you.
  • We are here to help each other. Share your unique perspective to help increase consciousness about a problem or an issue you have been facing that may help others, in writing or through poetry, music or visual art.
  • Most of all we are constantly learning, next year I will look back at this post and for sure, I will have new knowledge about these same topics.
  • Because we are taking so much information in daily, time to retreat and process it all and learn how to apply it to our circumstances is a must.
  • Any resistance that we encounter that prevents us from expressing our self is a clear sign that we are on the right track. We must overcome it somehow and then access new abilities and talents that we did not know we had.
Photo of a Red Poppy Flower with Persistence Quote

Many times I got lost or overwhelmed but keeping this site alive, even if it is only piling up drafts posts for later editing (I have about 90!), it has been a way for me to find myself and move forward. Sometime re-reading older posts and finding motivation again by seeing my circumstances from a higher perspective.

I believe in what I do because I see my transformation and growth and so I know it’s valuable to others. The challenge is learning to find the right language and format for others to understand.

One brilliant advice I can give you is to continue doing something, anything, continuously, even if it is not every day, or it is a tiny step, like to draw a sketch, draft a poem, edit a picture. But it helps the sub-conscious mind to feel active and good with oneself.

Everything we constantly do, all the information we take in, might not make sense to your mind at this moment, but they are like stepping stones that will take you to where you want to go.

Even if you do not know where you want to go, just follow your feelings and desires, you will gain clarity and awareness on the journey.

It never ends. We are constantly learning, growing and sharing what we know. It is the reason we are alive and the purpose of our Soul.

If you ever feel lost or discouraged, take time to be in Nature and observe the beauty that surrounds you.

After a little while, when your thoughts will have drifted away, you will feel the connection, and you will absorb the beautiful higher vibrations. You will feel rejuvenated and sometimes a new insight or a pure inspiration will come alive inside of you.

Just imagine how long does it take for a flower to bloom or for a fruit to be ripe. How many external factors push against it, nevertheless Nature continues to surprise us with incredible resilience and amazing gifts.

The Spirit that is behind Nature is behind us too, so when I look at Nature I am reminded that I too can access that same strength, that if I follow her example of being consistent, I too can achieve significant results.

Thank you, if you have made it this far, to be celebrating SunFreeStar’s anniversary with me, and I hope I have inspired someone, even if just a little, during these years.


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