Life Lessons from the Eagle

May you have the strength of eagle’s wings, and the faith and courage to fly to new heights, and the wisdom of the universe to carry you there.  ”  
Native American blessing 

Eagles are amazing birds and every time I see one I always feel a sense of awe, inspiring so much Freedom but calmness at the same time.
I can imagine myself on its wings and be able to fly so high above everything. Seeing all from such a unique perspective.

A little bit like being on a plane but without the surrounding structure, just free to feel the wind and have an expanded view, 360 degrees.

Eagle flying
photo courtesy of mathew-schwartz from unsplash

Through the deep observation of Nature for my Art practices, I could perceive repeating patterns where a particular bird or animal would persistently draw my attention to him or her, sometime exceptionally. Or finding a new amazing flower on my usual walking. As if wanting to give me a message to better understand my present circumstances. Sometimes even warnings of what was to come.

Internet was not a thing in those days, I used to find the interpretation from following my intuition, books or listening to elders’ experience that resonated. And by applying this information in my daily life it was the way I used to gain knowledge. Proving wether that information was true or not.

“Intuition becomes knowledge through personal experience.” Unknown

It was not very usual to spot an Eagle while I was travelling either in Spain or Portugal, but I became aware that each time I was embarking upon a new journey or project where I was nervous or unsure of the outcome, my attention somehow would make me spot an Eagle and sometimes even more than one, flying above me.

Royal Eagle sitting on a branch
photo courtesy of frank-cone from

For me it meant that I was on the right path and Great Spirit was looking out for me. That there would be challenges ahead and to remember about the higher purpose of what I was embarking upon that would give me the strength to overcome those obstacles.

Sometimes those obstacles where within me but the presence of Eagle always gave me the courage and focus to push forward, deeply knowing that I was supported, even if I was completely alone and no one else seemed to believe the same.

This in turn has made me accept challenging situations and endure, because I understood there was a higher purpose behind it that was worth the sacrifice of whatever my ego self and unconscious mind was complaining about.

My best mentors and lessons learned always came from Nature. The birds, the ants, lizards, flowers, trees, my lovely dogs and cats.

At one point I came across this lovely book called “Medicine Cards – The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals” written by Jamie Sams and David Carson, who both belong to a Native American Tribe. It was such an interesting book and so fun to play with, teaching me the spiritual meaning of seeing a particular animal crossing my path according to the philosophy of Ancient Native American Wisdom.

Eagle Medicine is the power of the Great Spirit,  
the connection to the Divine. It is the ability to live 
in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected 
and balanced within the realm of Earth. Eagle 
soars, and is quick to observe expansiveness within 
the overall pattern of life. From the heights of the 
clouds, Eagle is close to the heavens where the 
Great Spirit dwells.

-Jamie Sams, Seneca/Choctaw, and David Carson, Choctaw

I always resonated with the Ancient Native North American teachings and way of life that lived in respect and harmony with Earth and its resources.

Remember that you do not need to see a live eagle to receive its message, you may see it in a movie, or a book or images on social media, or suddenly feel drawn to it.

The lessons I could understand from the mighty Eagle

  • To always look at the present circumstances from a higher perspective. Understand the bigger purpose or goal that will allow you to endure the situation. From a different standing point, you may now see other opportunities that will help you move forward.
  • To focus on your goal, letting nothing distract your attention until you achieve it. Learning to say no to activities that are not beneficial and are not adding any value.
  • To look beyond appearances and piercing through the illusion to find a truth that expands your consciousness for your benefit.
  • Connect with Spirit through Silence and you will never feel alone. The Eagle symbolizes the Great Spirit that watches over us and gives us strength.
  • Eagles usually fly alone. Sometimes it is necessary to be completely alone to understand who we really are. Our strengths and weaknesses. Realize our real feelings and not those absorbed by Society, Social Media or loved ones around us.
  • Even if we do not have a goal in mind that we want to achieve, just living and surviving is in itself a great challenge. But instead of looking at it as a burden, it is an opportunity in disguise to teach us about our innate talents and hidden resources, which lift us higher with better knowledge for you and the collective consciousness.

“The eagle does not escape the storm. The eagle simply uses the storm to lift it higher. It spreads its mighty wings and rises on the winds that bring the storm. ”   Jack White 

For quite sometime I took a pause from my normal Mandala drawing and painting because there was a vision of a White Eagle constantly becoming ever more present within my consciousness.

But to tell you the truth, I was afraid I could not manifest it properly, and so I procrastinated.

Many years had gone by since I had painted a White Eagle, so all kinds of imposter syndrome attacks came to me every time the idea would come forth.

So during meditation I called in prayer the Spirit of the White Eagle to guide me through this process and help my hands follow the silent Spirit instead of the noise of my fearful mind.

And in this way I began looking as many eagle pictures and videos as I could, to find that one that felt “more right”. I was flying with the eagle, feeling like one, slowly understanding the feeling that wanted to come alive.

And it was that of silence, focus, but strength, lightness and protection.

It was a big challenge because I had not painted on canvas for over 20 years and especially never with acrylics so I made some artistic mistakes at the beginning which hinted at giving up, but I could not ignore the lessons Eagle was giving me, so with his courage I persisted.

With many prayers and meditation, a lot of focus and determination, that vision came to be.

White Eagle – The Bringer of Light

The White Eagle in this painting shines from the golden rays of the sun, bringing Light and Hope to our world.

These are the words that have come to me during meditation with the painting.

“Have patient my beautiful child, you are never alone in your battles, although the noise of the world is so loud and is constantly distracting you, there is a higher truth, and is standing just behind you, making you feel at peace.

Turn within and remain in silence, meditate and feel yourself surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful shining light that surrounds you and protects you, maintain your focus on the good and the beauty that exists within you and around you.

It will center you and keep you in peace.

It will not be easy to remain on that frequency, as you go through your day, but daily practise will help you remember those peaceful moments that you experience during meditation and bring it with you in your normal interactions, so external circumstances do not affect you.

Stay away from the news as much as you can and cultivate peace within, following your heart.

You yourself will realize how getting involved in discussions, judging or having fights will take you away from this beautiful frequency and make you forget, it even exists.

Soon you will realize that you can choose what frequency you want to be on, the one that feels better for you and for the whole collective, and you can achieve this by changing your thoughts and your focus point.

Those that argue let them be, those that constantly interrupt and want to overpower you, let them be. Your silence and focus on the light above you will change the atmosphere and soon they too will become quiet.

Call on your light angels, any time you feel disconnected, confused or alone, and instantly you will feel stronger and more at peace.”

One proven way to raise your frequency instantly is to feel grateful, shifting our attention from the negative to the positive that exists. Saying these words for example,

” I am so grateful for the presence of peace, I am so grateful for the beauty that surrounds me, I am so grateful for everything I receive, I am so grateful for the food, clothes, shelter and everything else that I use every day. I am so grateful for the Great Spirit that shines above us all, surrounding us and the Earth with peace, love and harmony”

Just try it every day, adding your own words, and you will feel better within yourself, giving you strength and inspiration beyond any reasoning.

The White Eagle is the symbol of the Great Spirit and the Angels that are helping us go through this awakening process and transition to a new world.

I believe that it is during the darkest moments that we need to be strong and focus all our attention into the good, the positive and the peaceful world we wish to live in, so that the dark shadows of the past may dissolve and disappear.

I hope this vision brings you hope and peace, and I would love to know what are your feelings about it.


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