From Darkness Into the Light of Awareness

“Like a seed growing within the darkness of the Earth, your soul’s sparkle pushes you upwards Into the Light, to Shine like the beautiful Flower you are meant to be.” Sunfreestar

I believe the journey of evolution of Humanity, both on a personal level and as a whole, can be compared as the travel from the darkness of unconsciousness to the light of understanding and awareness.

The vision that these paintings represent.

The sparkles of gold within the darkness are the light of awareness and the opportunities behind every shadow which guides us through this dense and unconscious states, pushing us to reach for higher level of consciousness, thus allowing for more light to be present on this earth, in the form of respect of one and other, in respect of the Earth and its own rhythms, valuing our time alive here through kindness, gratefulness, justice, equality and freedom for all, not only all humans but all living beings.

The Eternal Quest of Humanity

This feels like the process we have been going through since the beginning of time. The evolution of the Human Consciousness to realize a world of Peace and Harmony.

Each generation adding up to the previous one.

The lives of great spiritual masters that have lived on this Planet, regardless of the religion or movement that were born afterwards, teach us of another dimension running parallel with our material existence, the Spiritual Realm, thus inviting us to the journey of Spiritual Awakening.

The original experiences of these masters, which were very simple people with great questions about the meaning of life, lead them to an “enlightenment” or awakening to a different dimension that would end the suffering of their existence. They all went through a series of processes of internalization, introspection, purification and final realization of the soul and the Awareness of the Light. The experiences of these processes became their teachings, which they then shared with thousands of people that were drawn to them through hope for a better life.

They set the path for all of us to follow. When the Earth was much denser than it is today, and the level of the collective consciousness was so low, we needed exceptional souls with strong reservoir of light and high vibrational presence to lift humanity to the next step of the evolution, leading us to where we are today.

The higher the consciousness, the higher the frequency of the Earth, causing more people to go through a spiritual awakening at one point or another. By expanding consciousness, we automatically become aware of the importance of respecting Nature and all living beings.

After the releasing of all these dense energies, we will vibrate at higher frequencies, access new knowledge and be able to experiment the world from our soul’s perspective, following a higher order, and seeing how wonderful life can be when we are all expressing and manifesting our true potential, our unique abilities, our soul beautiful light, without blockages, without fear, without lack of resources or a safe environment, just being always in alignment with our purpose of being alive here, eternally supported and connected to Spirit.

We do not know how long each one of us is staying on this Planet, some a few years, some much more. We are all here for a purpose, each one doing our part for the next generation and the unfoldment of the Grand Scheme.

What does it mean to go through a Spiritual Awakening

There is not much you HAVE to do in your Spiritual journey at the beginning. Everything happens in the background, in the subconscious. Your soul’s light expands making you vibrate at a different frequency.

So one day you start to feel different, the life you are living now does not motivate you anymore, you are attracted to new information that resonates with what you are going through, helping you navigate all the ups and downs. The spiritual awakening roller coaster is due to our psychological resistance to change.

Just like any creation from the smallest to the biggest, the path is the same. There is a vision, then we gather the materials, we do a few sketches or trials and then we start to work. And when we do that, we will encounter some challenges, some problems to solve that we did not expect, some adjustments we need to make, one step at a time.
And we must be patient, we must endure when we are in the valley, when motivation is low and we are in the middle of a work and we think maybe it was all a mistake, because we can’t still SEE IT.
Like the building of a lovely house, that before it gets lovely, there is a lot of debris, ugly structures, dirt, and many expenses, until the vision is finally realized, then all the hard work, all the struggles, the pain, gets forgotten and we sit there in awe, elated, just enjoying the results.

These paintings represent this journey. The different colors can mean the clearing of each different chakra or energy center, the different emotions we feel and the dissolution of the shadows of the past. (If you are interested in buying one of them click on any link underneath the image, or you can read about the meaning of each color and watch the videos of the process HERE. First choose which one you are mostly attracted to, and than look at the meaning).

  • Red Gold Into the Light Acrylic painting by Sunfreestar
  • Blue Gold Into the Light Acrylic Painting by Sunfreestar
  • Green Gold Into the Light Acrylic Painting by Sunfreestar

When I look at them, they serve me as a reminder me that the light of our soul always shines within ourselves and around us, they keep me focused, through the ups and downs of daily living. Gently showing me how to keep focused on that light, allowing the shadows to dissolve and disappear.
The Light of Awareness illuminate with little sparks of gold everywhere, through our smiles, a little care, much patience to ourselves and others, and a bit of peaceful kindness, to Shine brighter than the Sun, and allow Joy to surround us.

“Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

Spiritual Awakening Lessons

The best thing to do while all of this is going on, is to become aware of how you feel, pay attention to what makes you feel good, safe and grounded and what does not.

This way you can manage and maintain a level of peace within all the time and create a space within you for the new consciousness that is unfolding.

It is a constant exercise, sometimes we succeed, sometimes we do not, but the more we practise, like everything, the better we become at it.

Our sensitivity is on the rise, more and more people are becoming increasingly sensitive to energies around them, to the rising emotions and so much more. More people are waking up to the lies we have been told as facts, and we start searching for a truth that resonates more with our soul.

The way we feel is the sign for the path to follow. Be aware though that sometimes these feelings may be in contrast with your beliefs, or your habits, and thus your mind will tend to ignore them. They will resurface, even stronger sometimes, through an accident, or a disease until you are fully aware and take action. The more you try to control, the more it will backfire on you. The more you will let it be, the more you will acknowledge it, even if a lot of tears come out, the better you will feel.

It is the process of letting go of past wounds and traumas, or fears. By becoming aware of them, they can now be released and the easier it will be for you to be in alignment with your heart and your soul purpose. They are Spiritual Awakening symptoms, you are on the right path.

Creativity in all forms is the tool that will help you feel calm and grounded, connecting you with your soul, when there is a lot of chaos around or disturbing frequencies.

Meditation helps you become aware of your inner world, of your feelings and perceptions. And mostly, it trains your mind to reach pure silence, when there are no thoughts. It will be a brief moment at the beginning, but the more you do it, the more you can experience that silence and total mindfulness with everything you do during your day. It gives you the chance to choose the thoughts and actions that are better for you instead of reacting at whatever is thrown at you.

The practice of pure silence, either at home or in Nature, is a real balm for the brain and the soul. There is a lot of noise going on around, within the mind as thoughts, stimulated by phones, tv, pcs, social media etc., and around the world; we do not become aware of the silence anymore, which is so much needed to reach higher frequencies and feel peaceful, centered and connected.

This is the meaning of the Light of Consciousness. Whenever you enter a dark room, to be able to see you either switch on a light or you open the windows, if there are any. Through this practice, you become aware of who you really are and have better clarity of the world that surrounds you thus expanding that Light that enables you to see. Light is Awareness.

Like with any room that has not been opened for a long time, once the Light is on, at the beginning you will notice a lot of dust and dirt which needs to be cleaned to restore it to its former glory. It is not an easy process but very worthwhile at the end.

Music is the sound of creation, surrounding yourself with beautiful music that makes you feel good is such a gift to dissolve the disturbing noise surrounding us. Allow your soul to guide you and discover new styles that make you reach higher frequencies. You Tube is an excellent platform for this.

The feeling of emptiness or of lack that we try to suppress with shining objects of the material world but never seems to go away, is just our soul needing to fulfill itself with real light, with things that represent the light and connects to it, making you feel at home, safe and fulfilled.
You will learn to recognize them as you grow and are mindful of how you really feel, not what your mind or your world tells you. When you can maintain this connection all the time, you will feel content with just being and will want to help others reach the same place.
By noticing our patterns and pinpoint what does not help us grow, we transform ourselves by choosing what does, finding courage and strength to move on.

The shining light of awareness always dissolves the shadows of unconsciousness, so whenever we are feeling low or fearful, we remind ourselves that these are only shadows, that as soon as we call the light for help, as soon as we fill ourselves with good thoughts of peace, gratefulness, acceptance, forgiveness and kindness, we become the Sun, and then we see the world with the eyes of compassion and wonder.

The more we stand by the Light and refuse thoughts that do not make us feel good, the more we help anchor the good on this Earth, and help create a better and more just world. We then align ourselves with the energies of the new earth that is manifesting. Anything that does not come truly from the heart and does not resonate with this new consciousness will not feel right and will cease to exist.

We have the power to make the light shine by choosing love instead of hate, peace instead of war, truth not lies, equality not superiority, kindness not indifference, freedom not prison, compassion not judgment.
The journey unfolds every moment we get to choose, and by doing so we collectively help each other getting nearer and nearer to that vision of hope.

We Are All One and connected to one another, to the Earth and the entire Universe, if only one of us is suffering we all feel it, albeit some are unconscious of it.

So when we heal our wounds, let go of the pain and the past, we are healing the world; we heal our ancestors; we allow the light within for all.

Focus on the light, on the positive, and what you want to create.

If you focus on the negative or what is going wrong, that will grow even more.

These are moments of transition and to ride the waves we need to keep our vibration and frequency high with anything we can.

We are creating The Future in every moment. Let us Keep our Hopes always High.


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