Mother’s Day 2021 Personalized Gifts Ideas

” Mothers are like Flowers, each one Beautiful and Unique”

To be a Mother is not easy at all and not that I know about it as I am not a Mother, but I love to follow the ancient Indian American wisdom, “To really understand someone, try to walk a mile with their moccasins”.

And so, as I have grown older, and through my own experiences, I have tried to comprehend my mother from her point of view, through the history of her life background and her incredible childhood stories, imagining how I would have behaved in similar circumstances. Like this one becomes more patient and so discovers her preferences and what sparks her joy and smile.

In very many ways, any woman, during her life, can be called on the duty of Motherhood. Helping anyone in need that comes across one path, comforting them when in need of their own mothers and families, or those that are lonely.
And maybe those that do not have a mother anymore could celebrate with a feminine figure that has helped them feel that motherly love again.

“Motherhood is a choice you make every day, to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own, to teach the hard lessons, to do the right thing even when you’re not sure what the right thing is…and to forgive yourself, over and over again, for thinking of doing everything wrong.” Donna Ball

Celebrating our Mothers and Grandmothers does not need to happen during only one specific day of the year, but every time one feels like, either with a small act of kindness, or a little flower, or anything that brings joy and make their day happier and better.

But with the excuse of Mother’s Day one can just pamper them a little bit more! It is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate and give thanks, first of course for the mere act of being alive and be able to experience the wonders of this beautiful world, second for our education, for being an inspiration and many times their presence in times of need.

There are of course cases where relationships are not so fortunate and full of happiness, but I believe life is a beautiful gift and if you are reading these words now; it means you are alive and we are grateful to your mum for your existence and that you are sharing with us the special and unique beauty that you carry within you.

Every year I like to create different cards for her but this year I decided to create a full Collection at Zazzle for the first time, picking ideas here and there for what is trendy and which unique products could surprise them by expressing that love and gratefulness for them.

Cards are what I usually think first, because as my mother loves flowers and plants, I will always get her one for this occasion accompanied by a card. I live with her so I don’t have to think about the mail, but if you don’t, you should order them in advance for making sure that it arrives well in time.

Zazzle is carrying out a beautiful promotion now for Mother’s Day Cards & Gifts until Friday night with 40% off Greetings Cards and various gifts.

Colors also are so important. Each one have an unique effect on our emotion and carries a specific meaning based on the energy that they produce.

Pantone has identified the Color of Mother’s Day as “an inviting floral pink whose kind-hearted nature suggest a loving touch.”

“Color is a powerful tool that can communicate feelings, moods and physiological reactions. Experts at the Pantone Color Institute defined the stories shared by City Centre customers into five colors spanning green, yellow, red, pink and blue color families. Green represents the protective nature of mothers, while yellow alludes to their optimistic outlook towards life and for their children. Pink captures their compassionate and nurturing side and red focuses on their passion and empowerment drive. At the same time, they are always calm and patient, which is represented by the color blue.”

Inspired by these colors and the arrival of spring, I chose two different sets of florals. One colorful and bright infused with different shades of pink, from light to rose, with reds, oranges and green. And another set with delicate tones of pastel pink, blue and yellow.

If you click on each image, you will be able to see the full Collection from the site, where you can purchase these products or have a look at others. You can find out here what Zazzle is and how it works. (

How do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day in your country? I would love to know!


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