How they Benefit You

You acquire a Mandala form that you are deeply attracted to in a certain moment by allowing the Mandala to choose you.
Either made by someone else or your own, and you place it in your favorite relaxing place and observe it from time to time, either as a tool during your meditation or simply relaxing and allowing your inner feelings and intuition to guide you.

This practice is very relaxing and it allows you to play with colors that you are attracted to in each moment according to your emotions. It is an excellent way to release trapped energy and blockages.
Afterward, you can analyze the meaning of each color and see if it resonates with your feeling of the moment. It is a practice that also relaxes the mind and heals on many levels.

This is a beautiful art practice that will allow you to discover your own creativity and give it a channel of expression.
You do not need to be an artist or aspire to be one. It is your own sacred space where you can do whatever you feel like.

  1. Mandalas create order within your psyche.
  2. They enhance focus and stability.
  3. By looking at them you acquire balance.
  4. By becoming more peaceful and focused, you are able to have a clearer mind and receive inspirations and insights to any issues you are facing, whether your work, family, career, relationships.
  5. They are tools to connect to Your Inner Self, your true you. You may discover yourself for the first time in your life and start making choices that truly resonate with your inner deepest wants, creating thus a sense of fulfillment, worth, and meaningfulness.
  6. Mandalas in any form you choose to experiment them with, bring you relaxation, focus, balance, inner sense of worth and peace.
  7. They make you find your own sense of orientation and dispel that feeling of being lost and disconnected and not having a place in the world.
  8. When you feel attracted by a certain mandala something within you, your inner self is in need of those patterns and colors to be able to recognize itself and find the balance and peace that is seeking to release any blockages.
  9. You acquire new insights and revelations of your own capabilities.

These are the benefits I have been experiencing with Mandalas since I started studying with them. I hope you will be able to do too.

Download the Free Mandala Guide and you can learn how to make one yourself through a step by step process, plus a free Mandala Pattern for you to color and fill in as you wish.