Older Works

These are my older works since I started again connecting with my creativity in September 2016. As I never kept a record of those previously and most I do not even remember, I now like to keep them alive and come back to them from time to time to see how my work has evolved.

Also while you are seeing this to show you, if you are just starting on anything new, to have patience with yourself, because with time and continuous practice, your creativity will take you on a beautiful journey of discovery.

Little Mandalas

“Let us find Magic in all the Little Things in Life”. LovableQuotes This is one of the best projects I worked on. Tiny little Mandalas on Key Holders/Purse. The idea came because Christmas was coming and I wanted to do some personalized presents to family and friends. I really had so much fun making them! I had… Continue reading Little Mandalas

The Glowing Star

This solid Star Mandala represents the power of our inner Light, our Real Self, which is never broken by Illusion. Eternally shining, rising above negativity. The words that came to my mind from this powerful mandala are ” The Illusion is only momentary. Real is Eternal. We can be fooled for a short time, but… Continue reading The Glowing Star

Drops of Sparkles

I like to believe that as the perfect formation of a Galaxy, we are Sparkles of light shining within a beautiful creation. This mandala was inspired by the words of the great Rumi. “I am a Spark from the Infinite” and “Shine like the whole Universe is yours”. You can read more in-depth the thoughts… Continue reading Drops of Sparkles

Rainbow Spirals

Spirals have been an ongoing challenge. The idea started when I was in Portugal. In the mind, it seemed very easy. But it did take some time researching and trying. I ended up with two different spirals but none really expressing what I had in mind, but I had to accept it and move on… Continue reading Rainbow Spirals

Rainbow Mandala

If there is something I love when coloring Mandalas is to use the full spectrum of colors like a Rainbow. I started this practice because of the glowing effect with Fluorescent paints. When all the colors combine they shine like crystals or diamonds. Also some shells, like Mother of Pearl. It is a beautiful emotion.… Continue reading Rainbow Mandala

The Power of the Sun

I was so happy with the Tote Bag, I quickly continued on a T-Shirt this time. I had an image in mind of the Sun and its rays and couldn’t wait to try and manifest it. What I was trying to achieve with this painting was motion, that is the continuous movement of the flames.… Continue reading The Power of the Sun


After the first two trials, I bought some new plain black T-Shirts and applied this new Mandala Design. You can look at the process of making it in my blog post Shine. The first picture the colors are glowing under Ultraviolet Light and the second picture is with Natural Light.  

The First

This is the First T-Shirt I attempted to paint, you can read more how I made it in the blog post The First. It then became the First Logo for SunFreeStar as it represents its beginning. The meaning of this Mandala for me is the re-connection with my own Creativity, the light that Shines from within… Continue reading The First