My passion are flowers and the lovely message they bring to us. For me they are amazing gems that always encourage us to smile and stop our activity to remind us of the Beauty of Creation.
I am in the process of updating this page with new photos. Thank you so much for your patience.

Flowers of Portugal

Everywhere I walked while I was in Portugal was an occasion to take a photo of a beautiful flower. I am really happy I can put them now all together and share them with you. I have tried to find the names for each one of them but I did not realize how complicated it… Continue reading Flowers of Portugal

Silybum Marianum

Also known as  Milk Thistle, Thistle Mary,  or Cardo Mariano in Italian and Spanish. Considered to be a powerful remedy for the regeneration of the liver. This flowers’ proportions, to me, look absolutely perfect. It resembles a Star. The reason why it refers to St. Mary or Mariano, according to the legend, was that the… Continue reading Silybum Marianum

Purple Visions

La Delicatezza – Gentleness

I am completely in love with these flowers, which grow on a great tree. They inspire me delicacy and tenderness. I have found a funny face hidden in the first picture, if looked from far, maybe you can find it too!  

Spring Obsession

Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

My mother tells me that these beautiful flowers which grow as a big plant are called in Italian “Ieri, Oggi & Domani”, thus the English translation. This name refers to the colors of the flowers. When  they first come out are dark purple (Yesterday), the next day the color turns blue (Today) and end up… Continue reading Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

The Parrot

After so many years trying to take a photograph of these beautiful free Parrots that live in the area, one of them compassionately allowed me to take pictures without flying away. It was such a magical experience. You can read more here.  

Welcome Spring!


Joy of the fields

The Surprise

I called this beautiful flower The Surprise because it came out of the blue one day from the young mandarine pot. We have never had such a flower before, so it must have arrived brought by the wind or birds. But it was such a lovely Surprise to enjoy this joyful color. It only flowers… Continue reading The Surprise

Pink Perfection

  After so many years I have finally found the name of this beautiful succulent plant. Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana or Widow’s Thrill which is native to Madagascar. I still have not found why nicknamed Widow’s Thrill, supposedly for their bright colors. It symbolizes endurance, lasting affection, and popularity. The species name, blossfeldiana, was given in honor of Robert Blossfeld,… Continue reading Pink Perfection

White beauty

I have discovered that the name of this beautiful flower is Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus or Queen of the Night. It is very particular, it flowers only once a year and for very few days and especially at night, so one has to be very careful to spot it. We have three plants and only once… Continue reading White beauty