Circles of Creation

milk hill crop circle art by Sunfreestar
Milk Hill Galaxy Spiral Crop Circle Art

“Modern physic has revealed that every sub-atomic particle not only performs an energy dance but also is an energy dance; a pulsating process of creation and destruction.”
 Fritjof Capra

I fell in love with this beautiful Crop Circles formation as soon as I saw it and was very intrigued to try and draw it. It did not seem very difficult to find the structure behind it as it looked formed by various spirals interconnected, and so it was stated by most articles I read about it.

For much sketches I did, the results were not like the original and the measurements not so precise. For such an amazing project to be carried out, there must be a precise structure that connects all the dots easily.

I was almost there to give up but curiosity was stronger so I kept watching the video over and over until I finally noticed a fine line connecting all the circles in the middle from the center. When I did the drawing it turned out to be the Seed of Life. What a surprise! You can read more on this little blog I wrote here.

drawing crop circle
work in progress
crop circle drawing

Once the structure was found then it became easy to calculate the width of the circles in ascending and ascending order. There are 13 circles for each line plus the ones on the side, amounting to a total of 409 circles! What an amazing project to carry out on such a big scale. I really applaud those that have made them.

choosing colors
Choosing color combination in pencils.
painting crop circles
Painting with Acrylics

I was asked who do I think has made them. When I first saw the video they looked so amazing, so precise and apparently made in such little time that it seemed impossible. But after reading various articles of some people that have proofs of making at least some of them, I can believe that us humans are capable of amazing things. I remain with the beauty of the Art that they inspire.


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