Infinite Worlds

Infinte Worlds

“There are infinite worlds both like and unlike this world of ours. For the atoms being infinite in number…are borne on far out into space.” Epicurus

This painting have given me so many insights and thoughts which you can also read at this blog post.

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The Medium used is Acrylic paints on a Canson Acrylics canvas paper of 290 g/m2. Size of the paper 28.5 x 30 cm (11 x 11.9 inches) Size of Mandala 26.5cm (10.4 inches)


While practising with sacred geometry to translate into a form that inexpressible feeling that wanted to be manifested, an image attracted my attention, followed by an intense enthusiasm, so there I was busy with the compass making circle after circle.

Circles Drawing Mandala

It was really fun. Round and round we were going, reflecting the most common form we find in Nature and the Universe. The Earth, the Sun, and the planets. Most of the flowers have a circle in their structure, spirals, fruits, vegetables, the flight of two butterflies following each other, atoms, cells.
In reality, if you think,  the basic forms that constitute our reality are made of tiny little circles.

At first, I called this drawing Unkown, as I could not think of any name. It usually never does, until it is finished.

Coloring Mandala

It is really funny how names come around. They are related to the interpretation of the work, the message it wants to express.

Probably if I was a professional writer I would find the correct words to express those unknown feelings and visions, but the way it works for me is that elements are put in front of me from different sources and encounters until something alight a spark somewhere in my mind, which then results in comprehending the meaning. By who you may ask? We can call it the energy, the spirit guides, the universe, whatever we choose to believe in. But it feels right.

I had in mind to carry on with watercolours, I have never used them in a Mandala, so I was very nervous, but that is what art is all about. Risking, venturing into the new, stepping out of our comfort zone.

Water Colored Pencils Mandala

I carried on with watercolour pencils, added water but it did not feel complete, so continued with very watered acrylics, which resembled watercolours and a few touches with coloured pencils.

It was another beautiful experience. Being drawn into the center with this almost like 3D effect but at the same time, a very relaxed feeling of safety while looking at the drawing.

3D Bubbles

I hope you can enjoy it too and would love to know what makes you feel, in the comments below.


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