Infinity and Beyond

“Know that you are an infinite beautiful being who is only aware of a tiny fraction of its true potential, with many illusory and limiting thoughts that inhibit the perception of this amazing and peaceful pure consciousness that we are made of.” SunFreeStar

Infinity Mandala by Sunfreestar
Infinity and Beyond
Infinity Blue Turquoise Mandala by SunFreeStar

The making of this mandala started with the desire to create a background to the works I usually do so to create a feeling of completeness. By practicing putting pictures and different background digitally I became aware that the emotions that they inspired were completely different than on its own.

This is has been the first experiment, the first thought and the first step that has led me into a new and broader state of consciousness beyond that original idea, which was impossible to predict beforehand.

And this is how Consciousness works to make us become aware of an information we need at a certain moment in time that is useful for our growth. It all starts with an idea which when put into action leads you into new useful discoveries.

Mandalas are such tools that awaken pieces of information already present within us which lie dormant until a color, a shape, a form triggers an emotion of remembrance and a wider perspective is acquired.

This pure consciousness, be it our own or universal extends beyond our comprehension. It constantly expands and contracts to again expand even further.

Through this awareness, we find peace and strength to move on and achieve our deepest dreams.

“Awareness is intrinsic to each of us. It is a state of being conscious and rising above the mental habits that keep us bound to internal limitations. Through awareness, we can see the true nature of all things and find unfathomable joy beyond conditions.”Anam Thubten

It runs in the background of our minds almost unseen but eternally present and when in silence almost felt like a breeze of an all-surrounding presence.

It is the infinite unfolding of a beautiful flower that through the opening of each petal, petal after petal, something new is revealed for our growth and the betterment of humanity.

This painting has made me realize how the whole perspective changes just by adding a new tone of the same color, the more it is added the wider the knowledge and its meaning.

There is so much going on in the background of our awareness. In reality, everything is so much wider and expanded than we could ever imagine. Just like all the processes that run in the background of our computers that we are unaware of but are essential for its functioning.

The connection is our emotional state, when we become aware of how we feel in each moment, we can correct it to reach our ideal peaceful state, through slow breathing and changing negative thoughts that illude us into feeling separated from this beautiful and peaceful consciousness that we are in.

Colors reflect our emotions, therefore, making or looking at a mandala causes a movement in our subconscious which heals and dissolves any blockages stored within. Certain colors at a particular point in time whether they make us feel good or unease it is what our consciousness needs to liberate what no longer serves us and reveals what we do need to grow further.

“Paradise is not some kind of enchanted land filled with flowers and music. It is not some kind of spiritual Disneyland. Paradise is our primordial pure consciousness, which is free of all limitations but embodies the infinity of the divine.”Anam Thubten 


The Medium used is Acrylic paints on a Canson Acrylics canvas paper of 290 g/m2.

Size of the paper 21 x 29.7cm (8.27 x 11.7 inches)

drawing infinity mandala
drawing infinity mandala

From the first drawing to the actual beginning of the painting a month and a half passed. I was unable to continue as I just could not feel what colors to use or how to proceed.

finished drawing of infinity mandala

At this point, having acquired the knowledge of wanting to put a background I decided to expand the mandala to fill the whole page and began painting straight away.


The colors came to me while looking at Pinterest and founding this beautiful bird and knew instantly those had to be.

Although I was not able to reproduce those exact colors, that was the trigger that inspired the mix which came to be.

Sometimes things do not turn out as expected. The beginning stage of the background. I was thinking of creating something more unified so to highlight the main center but it did not quite resonate with the rest, so I continued the main theme but with darker tones.

painting infinity mandala
painting infinity mandala
close up Infinity Mandala

Finishing with gold acrylic paint to reveal the main focus of the whole painting. This is a close-up.

Thank you for following up to here and hope you enjoyed the journey. Would love to know your thoughts and any feelings it inspires you. Namaste!


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