Little Mandalas

“Let us find Magic in all the Little Things in Life”. LovableQuotes

This is one of the best projects I worked on. Tiny little Mandalas on Key Holders/Purse. The idea came because Christmas was coming and I wanted to do some personalized presents to family and friends. I really had so much fun making them!

I had some plain black Tote Bags left which I then cut up into little pieces to make the Key Holders.

First I took the measurements and drew the little Mandalas on a paper, and then transferred them on the material.



After applying the first white base I ironed it to level it up properly for the Fluorescent Paint to be applied smoothly.


After the Fluorescent Paint, to make it look neat, the drawing needed to be outlined with black. And ironed again to fix the paint.



Then came sawing each part plus adding the Velcro inside and the little key holder.

It would be much better and faster to do it with a sawing machine, but even without it, the result was satisfactory!


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100_4048 (800x759)
Under Uv Light

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