“You have been called to be who you are – the whole luminous light. No one can dim your light when you are fully present to the depth and breadth of it.” Debbie Ford

Uniting the Deep Red with Platinium White brilliance and Shining Gold expresses Purity, Sacredness and Abundance.

Considering all Life as Sacred and Pure will bring about Abundance and Fortune. All is connected by a Golden Thread that leads to the Source Mother. These threads must be respected and protected for all Beings to thrive on Earth.

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Working with such a strong and deep red had me a bit resistant at the beginning, wanting to work with more blues and greens.

But the Vision was very clear and I have learned to listen to the intuition now, knowing that if there is some kind of internal resistance when intuition is so clear, means that something within me needs to integrate it .

Continuing to work with this color I felt more and more comfortable, with a sensation of going really deep within, almost like being in a motherly womb, with a sense of safety and protection and centerdness.

The deeper the connection the deeper the feeling of being connected with the sacred energy of the Earth Mother from where all things are born.

All these sensations relate much to the research I later found on the meaning of the colors.

Red is associated with the First Chakra, The Root, which relates to our survival, our sense of safety and protection. Meditating with this color strengthens our sense of personal security.

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Perhaps the interpretation that resonates best is one I found while creating my first mandala Calendar with Birthstones. January is represented by Garnet which is deep red.

Almadine Garnet unites the energy of scarlet and red with the more muted, earthy overtones of brown. It is intimately tied to the Earth, and is a talisman of protection and unyielding strength, increasing willpower and resistance to all things negative. It aids circulation and all blood related issues. Associated with the First Chakra, it is a stone of physical love and relationships, and a spiritual stone of psychic protection.

I recently saw a beautiful documentary called “Aluna” made from a BBC correspondent on the Cogi tribe from Columbia who are called Mamas, healers of the Earth. The intuitively know from their ancestral knowledge that there are thread lines and sacred places on Earth that when destroyed bring about a dysfunction of the whole ecosystem. You can watch it at this link

“Strange to say, the luminous world is the invisible world; the luminous world is that which we do not see. Our eyes of flesh see only night.” Victor Hugo


The drawing of this Mandala is the one I have prepared for the Mandala Guide Appendix to show you how I create my Mandalas.
You can download it for free together with the drawing for you to color as you please. You can check it here A Mandala Journey.


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