Magnolia Mandala

“Like the magnolia tree, She bends with the wind, Trials, and tribulation may weather her, 
Yet, after the storm her beauty blooms, See her standing there, like steel, With her roots forever buried, Deep in her Southern soil.”
Nancy B. BrewerLetters from Lizzies

This Mandala came to be almost magically! Just my hand making circles until suddenly forms and colors started appearing before my eyes,  and these lovely flowers were formed.
The colors for sure were inspired by so many pink blossoms around me! After coloring them they reminded me of pink magnolias and has become my tribute to Spring.🌸
Magnolias are very ancient and are a symbol of happiness and gentleness, spiritually they indicate an alignment with your higher self.

The Medium used is acrylic paints with Gold on a Canson canvas paper of 290 g/m2.

Size of the paper 23,5 x 21cm (9.25 x 8.1 inches) and size of Mandala 20cm (7.88 inches)

If you would like the original, detailed information is on Original for Sales page.

You can also look at the Collection of products with this design here below, where you can buy a print, a poster, a card and much more from

The Process of making it.

I wanted to try first few ideas on my sketchbook but in fact, everything came out so easily as if my hands were going on their own.

The beauty of the sketch is that without the stress of making mistakes any idea that comes up is immediately drawn without doubts.

Drawing the sketch onto the canvas paper, starting with the Seed of Life from the center and expanding with more and more circles like in a beautiful dance.

The final stage of painting with Acrylics.

Even the choice of colors was very natural, like if the whole vision was already set up within my subconscious mind without me knowing!

close up magnolia mandala
Close up

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