Mother Earth Mandala

“If you truly Love Nature you will find beauty Everywhere.” Vincent Van Gogh

While doodling away, one day, and just letting the pencil scribble free of preset visions, thinking I had nothing to express, suddenly something appeared before my eyes that could well be transformed into a new Mandala. And so for fun, as it had started, I tried to create it little by little, one circle at a time until this is what came out.

drawing mandala

The drawing was such a lovely experience, that when it finished I almost did not want to touch it anymore, as the usual fear and doubt started creeping in with regards to the colors and all the rest that goes on in the mind.

“Creative people see a million ways of doing things and once we choose one, there will be a million ways we can be derailed by doubting like “maybe we should have done it this way..” A little extract of a podcast from @andyjpizza on Are you sabotaging yourself? A must listen to lighten up your creativity.

So to keep the fun going I picked up the first two colors that felt right and discarded away any additional thoughts “but..”, “if..”!!

coloring mandala
coloring Mandala

After watching some great video tutorial on You Tube Miriam Haukebo   from a lovely Artist who I follow on Instagram, I decided to put into practice her advises and continue with colored pencils, which at this moment I find much more relaxing than paints. This time using more colors for shading and make the drawing more alive, as great artists like her achieve.

Previously while searching how to make a Mandala digitally I found a Plugin for Paint.Net called Kaleidoscope ( Forum decided to try it out with this Mandala for the first time, and to my surprise suddenly the whole drawing got transformed with beautiful little hearts and I fell in love instantly. Of course, discovering so many different versions, this will be my new toy for a while. If you have Paint.Net you should really get it, it is really great fun!

Being the Earth Day on Sunday I decided that the colors and the theme of the mandala were perfect to dedicate it to the Love for Mother Nature, so the Mother Earth Mandala came to be. You can read more about Earth Day in my new post here.

Love Mother Earth Mandala

Since this image I was able to scan the drawing properly in high resolution to upload it on products on Red Bubble and even after many tries I was not able to make the same image as above, (I have learned to take notes now of all the passages I make!) so I remained with the following.

This is a gallery of some of the products which you can check at this Red Bubble link.


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