Rainbow Radiance

radiance mandala

The making of this Mandala was the result of a long journey which resulted in four paintings, each with a different meaning, of which this is the last. You can read about two previous ones HERE.

crazy about mandalas

One after the other my spirit was still unsatisfied.

It started with a Vision. The Returning of our essence to our spiritual home. I imagined each one of us like drops of pure light, surrounded by the heaviness of our material lives, in the form of darkness, from our fears, traumas, and challenges we have had to faced and low energies that we have had to deal with.

The image was that the nearer we would be to our Spiritual Sun the more this heaviness was lifted from us, purified by the Sun shining light. And in the process, we would help lift each other’s up to reach our highest dimension of pure light and perfection.

Many sketches came out. Some were placed on canvas with yet new meanings and interpretation. But the true vision is still waiting to be materialized.

This is the way it goes for me. You never know where one thing will lead me to.

So after so many sketches, calculations and mandalas, all with a different meaning, another version came out, but I was not too keen to manifest it as, my lazy mind, thought to be just a copy of the previous one.

In fact, that was the intention, and just use watercolor instead of just pencils, but I do not know what happened the structure came out quite different and the effect with the watercolor was instant love!

mandala drawing

To make it easier, I first colored it with watercolored pencils and then watered it down to give it that special effect.

The only problem with this one was that when it was finished, and I would look at it, there were no words arising to express the emotions I felt, not even which title to put.

I kept looking at it for days but zero, just pure emotions. I do wish many times I was a good writer, able to express everything that crosses my experience, like so many on WP here.

So I put it out to my fellow artists and friends on Instagram, and you can read about it HERE.

If you are interested to buy a print you can check this collection I made at Zazzle.


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