Shambhala vision promotes a universality in relationship to basic goodness. All human beings are basically good and an enlightened society, at various levels of manifestation, can occur in any culture.
Sakyong Mipham

Update: I now (June 2019) have updated this painting with Paint Gold on the borders to complete the intial vision and now it feels much better.

The experience with this drawing has been a very difficult one since the beginning.

First, there was confusion and unrest. Many thoughts occurring at the same time within my mind, between normal life activities and the overwhelming of the online knowledge. I knew it was the right time for a new Mandala because it is for me the only way to put order into the chaotic unconsciousness.

Drawing Mandala

Preparing a Mandala, makes you calm down and forces silence to observe within and let it guide you step by step through the journey.

This time I could not find within the realm of my mind’s knowledge the forms that could match the feelings wanting to be manifested. So for the first time, I had to search somewhere else. I went outside and observed Nature. It was not there.

mandala sketch

I turned to the web and between Digital Art, fractals and different mandalas, I took pieces from one and another and put them in front of me. Colors were the first one to appear and I was very sure about.

Bit by bit the drawing came out. I had to leave it, various times before it was completed. Then I thought the most complicated work had been done. I had already the colors, just sketch a bit with pencils, painting and finished. Nothing further than the truth.

The colors were only four. Blue, Pink, Orange, and Yellow. First I filled it up with colored pencils. But there was a real war going on within my self. First I tried Pink, and that made feel upset, then tried Blue and that was even worse. So I left it. Came back and tried again and again, different colors, different reactions and so on.  When I look at it now, it looks so simple, so natural, that each color is there. But you can’t imagine the struggle to arrive at the feeling that it was the correct combination.

painting mandala

But understanding the Power of Healing mandala have especially on an unconscious level, and if you are a believer at a Spiritual level too, I let it be. There was definitely something going on that I could not really understand. You can read more here.

As the beautiful Artist, Kylie Ferriday (@twolittledrakes) said in an interview at I Believe in Art Blog  : “To me, believing in art means you’ll always be OK. Art saves people. Art is so much more than the finished piece we see on walls or in photos, Art is a spiritual journey and I’ll never ever take it for granted.” 

Shambala Mandala

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