I originally called this Mandala, “Simplicity”, for the feeling it inspired me. A Shining Beauty from a simple form.
Like if to say, there is so much beauty and light in simple things.

The first thing one notices is the bright light shining through each petal.
It symbolizes the glowing light of our divine spark when in harmony and in balance with the rest of Creation. If you are attracted by this Mandala you need to let your inner light shine beyond the constrictions of the mind.

This was my first drawing and Mandala with colored pencils.  Even when I was a teen in school it was first Pastels then Acrylics. Continuing with Oil paints as I loved to paint layer on layer. From there to fluorescent acrylics on black fabric.

But I got given these colored pencils as a present, which can be used as watercolors when adding water. Such a novelty for me!  And I thought I would try them out, although my intention was to paint this same drawing on a Tote Bag.


I then proceeded to paint the same on a Tote Bag, first drawing the structure with white pencil, then continuing with fabric paint.
I was listening to Il Volo through the whole process!

Carried out with Fluorescent Paint. This is in natural light.

Pink Tote

And under Uv Light.

pink fluo tote


You can see the beautiful products available with this Design through these galleries at first and Red Bubble afterwards.


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