The Golden Flower

“You also belong to this universe. You are part of it. In fact, you are the most valuable part of it, the greatest flowering is going to happen in you—the flowering of consciousness, the Golden Flower of Being.” 

The paper I used is a 290g/m2 Canson for Acrylics and Oil Paints.
Size of the paper 21 x 21cm and size of Mandala 17x17cm
The medium used is Acrylics.

Prints are also available.

By looking at this Mandala you become more aware of the beauty of your Being in the unfolding and blossoming of your consciousness through spiritual awakening.

You are indeed a beautiful part of the Universe, contributing with your brilliance and vibrational states. Shine like an emerging Star just by being You.

You can check below the Collection I made with this Mandala on some lovely products in my Zazzle Shop and below at Red Bubble.

Also the process of making it and the inspiration behind it.

You can check these products and more at this Red Bubble link.

The Process


I was inspired by a picture of an old Persian Plate and recognizing the structure, which I had done on other occasions, I jumped into this new journey to see what would unfold. It consists of a geometrical flower of 16 petals interconnecting with one another.

color selection

Doing different trials and shades of the Blue Acrylic tones I have, so I have a guide when I put them on paper.

painting blue mandala

In the end, I changed the colors I previously decided as they felt better this way, and the guide was very useful for this.

painting gold mandala

It looked very nice in white and was tempted to leave it, but my original vision asked for gold lines so I continued with the possibility to do another version in white digitally.


A close-up.

Different shades of Gold, depending on the Light.


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