The Golden Thread

seed of life by sunfreestar

“Kindness is the Golden Thread that holds Society together”
Wolfgang Von Goethe

Following the previous Crop Circle drawing, I remained with the same structure of the Seed of Life but with some added details.


It is only until I found in a shop for the first time a golden paint tube that the vision became clear of how the colors were going to be.

I never tried gold paint before and it was really good fun. Then it can become quite obsessive to find that tone of gold that really shines and has brilliance. But for a beginner, I was very happy.

golden seed of life

The vision that the paint gave me was that there exists a golden thread that invisibly runs across the Earth, the Universe and all beings uniting us all with everything, through friendship, care, understanding, and cooperation.

So I chose the colors that represent the earth, the greens of the forests and sea and the blues of the sky and space. As you can see the drawing has an inclination to the right which just looks like the Earth axis. I write a little more here.

As always with any creative practice, one is rarely completely satisfied with the result and felt it would look better with a watercolor background.


Although as you can see I am not an expert in watercolors, these are actually acrylics on an acrylic paper, maybe not the best to try, but good for practicing!



Background image courtesy of Paige Weber at

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