The Power of the Sun

I was so happy with the Tote Bag, I quickly continued on a T-Shirt this time. I had an image in mind of the Sun and its rays and couldn’t wait to try and manifest it.

What I was trying to achieve with this painting was motion, that is the continuous movement of the flames.

With me still discovering Fabric Paint, it did take me a long time but I really enjoyed it and am quite pleased with the result. At the same time, I was participating at the #abundantartshow on Instagram, so it was a great challenge and a happy one. Especially for all the great Artists I was able to discover there.

The process.

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And the result. First with normal light.

This is with Uv Light. One with the phone and then with the camera. They both show quite different colors as the real image. One tends to pink and the other to red, and in reality, it is somewhere in the middle. The Mistery of Photography. Of course, I am not an expert!!


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