The Surprise

I called this beautiful flower The Surprise because it came out of the blue one day from the young mandarine pot. We have never had such a flower before, so it must have arrived brought by the wind or birds. But it was such a lovely Surprise to enjoy this joyful color. It only flowers during the warm months and kind of goes to sleep during the winter. The first time we thought it completely disappeared and put the earth in another vase, for it to bloom again in Summer.

From Pinterest, I have now discovered that its name is Platycodon or more commonly the “Balloon Flower” or “Campanula” for the shape of its buds before opening.

“In Japan, the Bureau of Taoist Geomancy has long used the balloon flower as its symbol and is called Kikyo, meaning “Pentagram.” The pentagram is a “balloon flower seal” with mystical significance, an important symbol in Taoism because each of the five bellflower petals represents the “five elements” of the Tao, namely wood, fire, earth, metal, & water.”

“The Bell Flower is the symbol of Unchanging LoveHonesty, and ObedienceIt is indeed a great gift for someone who is special to you.” If you want to know more about this amazing flower from facts and legends follow this link.



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