The Wolf & The Moon

The only one of my old paintings I was able to retrieve.
It was such a surprise when I arrived in Portugal and met the friend I painted it for, and she still had it in her home. I almost had forgotten about it. It gave me a great push and motivation to start painting again.

I was visiting her at the time and being her birthday she asked for a Wolf painting. I had never done one before but from a little picture, I was able to give it a try.
The Spirit of the Wolf was definitely guiding me through it, there was a magical atmosphere around that kept me working on it all day and all night until I finished just at Sunrise and could look at it with natural light. But the best effect was in fact under Uv Black Light.

The paints I used were Fluorescent Acrylics with a white base like Gesso, on a black thick cotton canvas material.

100_2609 (1024x820)

There are now many products available with this design that you can check through this link at Red Bubble as well as canvas prints and art boards.

All proceedings from the royalties I receive from Red Bubble will be given to WWF Italy to help preserve the Wolf, the Bear and the Eagle


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