Tribal Tiger

I embarked upon this new T-Shirt project because I wanted to test my skills after so many years without painting animals.

It was something I loved doing especially Lions. I never tried a Tiger before and never in Tribal format. It was very scary at the beginning and it did take a lot of effort not to give up. Especially when dealing with Fabric painting, there is not a lot of margin for mistakes. But I thought that the worse that could happen, was that I would be the only one to see it if the result was so horrible.

After the first sketch, I thought that maybe there was a possibility.20170710_163618_Burst01 (450x800)

This is when I decided the Tribal format would be best for the T-Shirt instead the full painted image. Also to try something new.

20170710_205852 (450x800)

This is the final image in normal light.

Tribal Tiger

After I did the White I was indecisive on how to proceed. A part of me wanted to paint it full of rainbow colors, to give it a psychedelic effect and still do.  But with the looks of the Tiger, it did not seem appropriate. Probably if the T-Shirt was for me I would do it, also to see the effect. But for the moment I have left it this way. Better to keep it simple.

This is the effect under Uv Fluorescent Light.

Fluo Tiger


Thanks to the wonders of Technology I was able to have my Rainbow Tiger at the end, without touching the original painting.
After taking a picture I made all the white parts transparent with Paint.Net and put a rainbow design underneath it, Et Voila! The Rainbow Tiger came to be!!


I love this T-Shirt so much now, that I kept it for myself!

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