White beauty

I have discovered that the name of this beautiful flower is Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus or Queen of the Night. It is very particular, it flowers only once a year and for very few days and especially at night, so one has to be very careful to spot it. We have three plants and only once it flowered Red.

“The epiphyllum cactus is a native Brazilian plant that grows on the sides and forks of trees in the canopies of the rainforests. It yields beautiful flowers that typically open in the evening and bloom for a few days. Growing an epiphyllum cactus outside of its native habitat is fairly simple, but involves special attention to temperature, lighting, and weather.” www.wikihow.com

As a Flower Essence “The Queen of the Night can help us sink deeply into the intuitive root of our being to ground our subtle sensitivities. It helps us open to the qualities of the moon in our daily life, experiencing the blissful perspective of deeper understanding, feeling and sensuality.” www.desert-alchemy.com


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