White Flower Mandala

My experience with Fabric Paint continues inspired by beautiful Nature, Silence and the time available to let it be.

The drawing was actually done in September (2016)last year, around the time I started this Blog, but I was only able to paint it now for reasons explained in Time to Fly

This time I chose a Tote bag, used White Acrylic Fabric Paint and the finishing touch with Fluorescent White Fabric Paint. The initial idea was to have a Pink flower but was advised to leave it White for a change and as a new adventure, I decided to embark upon the elegance of Black and White.

The process.

This is the first time I applied first various coats of the white normal Fabric Acrylic Paint mixed with Textile Medium. Unfortunately the last T-shirt I made the paint cracked after a couple of washes. The reason was that because Fluorescent Paint is transparent when applied on a black background the color, especially yellow, does not stand out much with daylight, and I always want my paintings with Fluo to be as brilliant during the day as under UV. So to get that result I had to apply many coats which then harden the paint too much. I tried to look for information on the Internet and did not find anything except for adding Textile Medium that makes the paint more flexible and then decided to do my old ways and put a white coat before.

The process of applying the White paint took a very long time and this is what I learned:

  • Never put a carton board underneath, as it will soak the paint and literally every coat after a while disappears!! I did the first coat, finished at night, and left it. The next day it was all gone like I did nothing!! Put a plastic bag instead so it will not stick once dry and you will use less paint.
  • Wet the area you are going to paint with a bit of water first, add a little Textile Medium and then the White Paint, like this it will be faster and smoother.
  • Better to Hand wash and the design will not crack.

The final result also under the Fluorescent UV light.

This Design has been so successful that I made many different products both on Zazzle as a Wedding Collection and Red Bubble. You can check the galleries below.

And these are some products of a lovely Wedding Collection at Zazzle.com with the Mandala turned into Gold digitally.You have also the color Burgundy available.



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