Zazzle is an amazing platform based in California, United States, which allows you to Personalize the incredible variety of products they have, with your own name, photo, design or colors.
You really can find anything you like, all their products are unique, plus you can upload your own photo or image without the need of creating a shop or being a Designer. 
They offer free tools that are very easy to use for you to have fun with.
What I like most is that they Print them on Demand, which is for me an amazing way of sustainable living and the best way forward.

Zazzle owns the products and is in charge of the payments, shipping and customer care. I am a Designer there which means that I put the designs on the products; I add the fonts or photos. I receive a royalty from Zazzle every time someone buys a product with one of my designs. If you buy from one of the links present here, additionally I may receive a referral too.

All my experiences with Customer Support have been positive, they have always been kind and understanding, resolving all my issues very quickly.

Depending where you live, they will ask you to access the Zazzle site of your country. There is also a little drop-down menu where you can choose the flag that relates to you. It is important for their shipping management.

I am integrating some of my Mandalas on invitations and products for Wedding ceremonies, Birthday Parties and Office & School which you can Personalize with your own name or favorite quote and details.
To meet the demands of the customers that come to Zazzle and to offer what is trendy in each season, I am also designing products with elements I buy from other Artists, but always in line with my favourites which are Florals, Animals and Nature.

After some years being a Designer at Zazzle, I have realized what customers need and like, mainly with the immense help of Elke and Jen Clarke through their courses, books, and valuable blog and tips. If you are interested in becoming a Designer too, Elke and Jen are the best mentors, they sometimes have free mini courses and a Facebook group where you can begin to know them and acquire a lot of information to start with the right foot. (This is a blog post I wrote in 2018 after a year I opened my shop at Zazzle and met Elke and Jen) https://sunfreestar.com/2018/06/16/ideas-to-promote-your-art/

(I may receive a referral if you buy one of their courses through their link but it will not affect the price you pay)