Merry Christmas to All

Wishing that you may have a very joyful and happy time anywhere you are and however you decide to spend this time.

Thank you so much to all of you that have passed by this blog and showed your support, these have been my Christmas presents.

Sometimes these can be difficult times for many reasons, but I think the only thing we have to remember is to feel joy within us regardless of the circumstances that are around us. Whether difficult relationships, difficult financial situation. We have that Power within us.


Not everywhere Christmas is celebrated and not everyone agrees with it. Some consider it a commercial craziness, some a religious non-sense and so on.100_4011

I personally think that everything that sparks pure joy within us is welcomed, regardless.

I love decorating and creating things to give to people as presents for any reasons, and this all the year around. This creates a beautiful joy in me and so of course during this period, I have even more excuses to do it.

I hope that each one of you can find something to do with what you have and find that joy simply. I think this is the best gift.

From my long travelling years this is the experience I have gathered, to carry that Christmas magic within me and re-create it anytime, anywhere. Simply.







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